Chelsea, London UK - 6 week stay?

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  1. Does anyone have suggestions about places to stay for 4-6 weeks in the Chelsea area? I have to go there for medical treatment at the Chelsea Westminster Hospital.

    It looks like if I stay in a cheaper type hotel (or serviced apartments), I am going to paying at least 100 pounds a night which adds up quick.

    My husband feels weird about using airbnb because he says he wants a hotel type place that can clean and change sheets, etc. He feels that "someone's apartment" won't be as clean as a hotel. I find his views a little ridiculous but what am I going to do?

    I also investigated the London School of Economics that rents out its residences, but they warn that they don't have elevators.

    Have I basically run out of options? Maybe I just need to bear the expense and stay at a cheap hotel.
  2. I would go with an AirBnb and see if the cleaning lady can come every week instead of just at the end of the stay.
  3. Some AirBNB or other rentals of that sort allow you to arrange - for extra cost - to have a cleaner come in and tidy up. You can find that service listed on a location's details.

    BTW, I've used both options and when I go to Cambridge in the summer, I'll be going the AirBNB route. It's just nice to have your own lounging space and cooking options for that length of time.
  4. Make sure to expand your apartment search to the Battersea area. It's just over a bridge from Chelsea, but cheaper so you can get a lower price for similar accommodations.

    Have you already asked the hospital for suggestions? Maybe they know of a place.
  5. Thank you for the tips ladies! Really helpful!
  6. And how was the trip now? :smile: