chelsea lace leather abbey or chelsea lace leather satchel

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  1. hi! does anyone own either of these bags? i looked at them at the outlet and can't decide if i want one or not. any insight? thanks!
  2. Hi, two great choices. I have the hobo in black and I love it. I also HAD the satchel in black but returned it when I bought the Lily in black.

    I love all of the lacing details of both styles, so I don't think you can go wrong based on the look of the bags. But think about how you use your bags. Some people feel like they can't function as well with a satchel on their arm or in their hand, opposed to a bag on their shoulder. So it's a very personal choice.

    I don't own many black bags, so it has to WOW me. I originally wanted this hobo in the tobacco, but I didn't care for the texture of the leather, it felt plastic in tobacco, IMO.

    Good luck with your choice, Enjoy!
  3. I have a tobacco Abbey and I :heart: her. Some people are put off by it because they say it looks like a horse's saddle but I love the little western flair it has. It is quite large, a lot bigger than I expected when I saw it in person. It is a heavy bag due to all the hardware too. It is able to hold all my junk comfortably though I'm guessing the satchel might hold more stuff just due to the different shape-but that's just speculation.

    Personally, I prefer a shoulder bag so I would not be interested in the satchel but that's just me. I do find this to be comfortable on my shoulder. Hope that helps some.
  4. thanks ladies for the responses. i appreciate your insight. :smile:
  5. I bought the satchel in black last week. I love it, but have not used it yet. I had a hard time deciding also. I got mine at the outlet.
  6. thanks lovecoach! i saw them at the outlet last week. i was thinking the tobacco but i am not sure yet.