Chelsea going, going, gone! (Delete FYI)

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  1. After talking to my manager this week, I'm hearing that the new Chelseas are pretty much sold out companywide, and they'll be deleted on the new floor move in the next two weeks (except for the optic, which will probably go to outlets). However, the remaining ones won't go to outlets; they should be held at JAX.

    So get 'em now, ladies! I'll update you all with more information on deletes and the new floor move when I have it!
  2. Which Chelseas are sold out? The hobos? Satchels? I am still eyeing up the Laced Vintage Satchel...
  3. The hobos and the satchels are all pretty low on hand, but not in the optic print, those aren't doing as well.
  4. Wow Sarah thanks for the update! :shocked:
  5. OK, I got what I wanted already. Got the Satchel in mineral on eBay, the hobo in mineral at PCe and the PW Suede satchel at PCE...
  6. noshoepolish -You are one lucky girl, I am so jealous! :greengrin:
  7. ooohhh I really like the signature satchel.. that was soo quick!! :wtf:
  8. You and both were thinking the same thing - that was fast!
  9. Oh noooooooooh, this was just too fast. Well I am glad that the product did well for Coach. It shoes that they are on the right track listening to their customer and giving them what they want. I look forward to seeing the new floorset in two weeks with all the new Legacy products.
  10. Thanks for the info Sarah! I really appreciate it. I may have to get this sooner than I thought. But I tried on a Chocolate sig carly yesterday and can't decide.
  11. Wow, that was fast!! I hafta say IMHO, the optic is a little too busy on the chelseas which would explain perhaps why they're not moving as quickly...

    I am in LOVE with my her with PCE (one day after my Ali arrived, LOL) and she is my darling favorite. here she is again....loves...:heart::heart::heart:
    coach june 001.jpg
  12. Wow, that was FAST! I really wanted the mineral large that one pretty much gone?

    Also, I got the Chelsea Leather Satchel in parchment, but I'm thinking I should exchange it for the toffee...any chance of that happening?
  13. Cool ... thanks for the info!
  14. Does that apply to the optic satchel? If it is going to be at an outlet soon I will wait to get it so I can get another bag.

    Thanks for the info.
  15. Actually the blue optic is really pretty in person. Maybe by the time I'm in vegas it'll be in the outlet.