cheetos' collection

  1. This is part of my collection. The rest were purchased from the recent sales at BG, NM and Saks and are on their way. Will post pics when they arrive.
    chanel.jpg LV.jpg chloe_brown.jpg chloe_metallic.jpg gucci.jpg
  2. Nice collection! I adore the Chanel! :smile:
  3. Lovely collection! Your guccisama piece is such an awesome classic :biggrin:
  4. lovely collection
  5. i love your chanel!
  6. Cool collection! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Lovely! :heart:
  8. I love your collection! The mc LV is hot!!
  9. Beautiful quality collection. Thanks for sharing with us!
  10. great collection! love the chanel
  11. nice collection, cheetos.
  12. Lovely lovely collection! Love your taste!!!!
  13. very nice
  14. beautiful collection.. esp you lv mc! :yes:
  15. Fab!