CHEESY CREAMY CRAB WONTONS RECIPE..addicting crowd pleaser ***PICS***

  1. For ONLY $10, You can make atleast 50 pieces of these gourmet tasting wontons! Never pay $6 for run of the mill ones at your local chinese joint again...

    I do these for football games, ziploced for my son's school snack, while waiting for that Thanksgiving dinner with the family, dinner parties or surprise treats for the coworkers!

    WARNING: making these will cause annoying random requests for you to make them- so be careful who you make them for, hehhehh...

    All you need is in the first 2 PICS and completely available at your local grocery!!

    -Imitation crab meat (which contains real fish)
    -green onion
    -block of cream cheese
    -wonton wraps
    -Worcestershire sauce
    -Sesame oil
    -Hand shred crabmeat
    -finely chop ONLY 2 stalks green onion
    -MIX altogether w/room temp cream cheese, 8 generous drops worcetershire and 2 tsp sesame oil
    -Then just wrap! Use water to seal.
    -Fry in shallow oil or deep fry if desired.


    I like to use sweet chili sauce (found in your local ethnic food isle also) or make a honey and mustard dipping sauce..
  2. Ohhhh If u guys liked the stuffed mushrooms I posted before, this is even easier and cheaper to make!
  3. that looks really yummy! :flowers:
  4. Wow, they look awesome...I love crab wontons!! Def. my fave chinese staple.
  5. Oh man-I love cream cheese/crab wontons-going to have to try these!
  6. Oh my gosh, those look sooooooo good. I am going to make them for our next tailgate!
  7. OHMYGODDDDDD. I love those ingredients! Never thought of putting them together like that. Thanks so much! I'd definitely going to make this.
  8. oh gosh, i need to try that soon! simpleplan, you're the best!
  9. Thank you for posting....I love those!! :party:
  10. OMG these look good! My 13 year old son would love these but is allergic to dairy. Do you have any recipes without cheese?? These are amazing!!
  11. SP this looks so good. I'm going to have to try this.
  12. OMG!!!!!! I am making those this weekend! Thanks for the recipe!
  13. *droooooools*
    Omg My Fav Chinese Finger Food!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank U For Sharing!
  14. im going to stop by the store n make this tonite :smile:
  15. I am trying these over the weekend...thanks:heart:H