Cheese pleaseeeeee

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  1. I am a cheese lover :nuts: Again, another post about me trying to cut some calories.

    I know I must give up my weekly pizza, nachos, quesadillas and cheesey fries.
    I can not give up lunch sandwiches.
    Whats the "healthiest" cheese to put with lunch meat/tuna, or on any sandwich? Any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I love cheese too:Plol... Eat real cheese tho! Not the fake nacho cheese or craft singles type cheese. For samwiches get the real provolone , sliced mozzarella, or swiss from the deli. If you want to snack the string cheeses that are 100% mozzarella cheese are what you want to eat.
  3. I love cheese too!

    Some low calorie options for putting on lunch sandwiches would be laughing cow cheese wedges(not traditional "slices" of cheese, more of a spread, but still delicious) weight watchers also has their own slices of american cheese, and then kraft has a non fat or 2% slices :smile: Hope that helps!
    edited to add i believe that goat cheese and feta is relatively low in calories, and it has a strong flavor so you won't be tempted to use as much!
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    The weight watchers cheese all tastes like real cheese! one of my big "secrets" in the kitchen to cut calories is cut up string cheese for pizza, and other dishes you need mozz, or chedder cheese in. one stick goes a long way
  5. My home town is having their "Cheese Days" festival this weekend and I'm so sad to miss it:sad: It is famous for fried cheese curds, beer, and polka music.
  6. ITA!!!

    I love feta and goat cheese too in salads, sandwiches and I have seen them in gourmet pizzas.

    I also love cottage cheese with honey as dessert.
  7. Low fat/part skim cheese is what you want to look for as well as stronger tasting cheeses so you use less and still get lots of flavour.
  8. Low sodium swiss or provolone