Cheers! Anyone up late tonight?

  1. I'm getting over a cold, a few spats with BF, online shopping...anyone up for a chitchat? :yahoo: :drinkup:
  2. What's the time there? Can't say it's late here: 9.14 AM. :biggrin:
  3. I'm here, neighbor. :heart:
  4. good morning, ruusu! It's 12:14am here in Seattle...I should be getting to sleep but can't.
  5. 'sup Roo! it's been are you :heart:
  6. I'm doin' good, toots. Getting ready to move to the new house in a few weeks. Currently annoyed at the rude wife of my husband's nephew. Sometimes people just SUCK :cursing:
  7. ^^ oh man, that blows. Are you staying in the Seattle area with your move? How long has that annoyance been going on with wife of husband's nephew if you don't mind my asking?

    all is well here save for a few bumpy spots with a grueling 10 day work trip to Ft. Lauderdale and the aftermath, hockey stuff, work committments, etc....I've been spending alot more $$ online in proportion, oh boy.

    BF and I have a Laguna Beach trip at the end of the month which cannot come fast enough.
  8. Yup, we're on the eastside and just moving from one town to another, but going from a condo to a house, so it's a big step up. If all goes as planned we'll be moved in a couple days before Easter. We are working on the condo now and preparing to sell it. Its near downtown Bellevue and our realtor tells us it should sell in a matter of days. (Let's hope so, since we'll be spending every dime we have to get into the house.)

    About the in-law. This girl married the testicle-challenged son of my husband's sister about 7 or 8 years ago. She did not have a good relationship with her own parents so she's attached herself to SIL and BIL like a vampire. She had four kids in quick succession so SIL/BIL are fully involved due to the grandkids. In fact, they even sold their house and bought one for their son/dil/grandkids to live in... they live in the basement so they are all together.

    Anyway- this girl, who my husband and I hardly know, does not like us, and me in particular. I am my husband's second wife and I theorize she does not like me because her own father left her mother and married a woman and had a second family with that wife. I've just heard this from other family members so I'm guessing.

    In any case... they live 3000 miles away and we see her rarely. We last saw her when my stepdaughter graduated HS and the SIL came out, and of course the wife of the nephew was stuck to SIL like glue. Anyway- we were leaving the graduation (they chose to sit with my husband's ex, that's another story ENTIRELY) and when we left we saw SIL and said hello to her and this chick just stood there and glared at my DH and I. We walked out and were like, "What the h*ll is HER problem?"

    Fast forward to now, SIL called me the other day to tell me that a great uncle of my DH's isnt doing well after a long battle with cancer. I missed her call and called her back tonight. Of course Ms. Snotface answered the phone and when I asked for SIL, she said, "WHO IS THIS???" I told her my name and the next thing I know, I hear the phone go "clunk" like she just threw it down. SIL was not at home so I spoke with BIL... I told my DH that after that, I will never call those people again. Enough is enough. Interestingly, my 86 yo FIL called later and we chatted. We are good friends so I mentioned my annoyance to him at this person's rude behavior. He went on to tell me she's rude to HIM too when he calls. That's the part that really p*ssed me off. How dare she be so rude to probably one of the nicest little old men you'd ever meet. :cursing: :cursing:
  9. Oh man that is awful!! Sorry to hear about all that crap with ms. snotface. arrgghh!! SOunds like it's an unfortunate pattern with her...
  10. Yeah, luckily we never see her, so that's a plus. But she's glommed herself onto that family in a way that my husband and I find somewhat disturbing.
  11. Definitely disturbing. Lots going on here too...BF and i are counting the days until we go to Laguna Beach for 5 days later this month...
  12. I can't tell you how good Laguna Beach sounds right now. Calgon, take me away! :p
  13. Seriously...never been but it's gotta be better than this rain soaked/chilly weather we are in and a break from a lotto crud that's been going down for me and BF with our jobs.
  14. Well you will be there when I'm drowning in my DH's packrat hell and boxes here... :p

    This is the time of year that living here becomes hard- everyone is ready for some SUN!!!
  15. I'm awake too! I can't stay for long (and I shouldnt have stayed for so long anyways since i have finals this week) but I'm here to chitchat! It's 1am in CA