Cheers! A flower for you all(-;

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  1. Did this back when I did the bath tub pic. Thought you might get a chuckle out of my weirdness:p.

    I got new additions. Will post pics soon:heart:.
  2. :blink:
  3. Lol!
  4. you are so creative, love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  5. Beautiful !!!!
  6. omg! I love the rainbow of Birkins!
  7. SP, you are so cute! Love your pix and sense of fun!
  8. I am dying here! I love your collection (loved the bath tub photo too). Can't wait to see the new additions.
  9. You are so sweet, simplyprincess! Ingenious!

    Thank you for the Hermes Flower. :heart::heart::heart:

    With your new additions, the flower can have more petals and a even longer stem. :yahoo:

  10. LOL! That's like a Rolls-Royce worth of bags lying on the floor in the shape of a flower!
    Never thought I would see that!
  11. What a lovely collection-do you have any ladybug key fobs? They would look pretty flying around!
  12. :flowers:Gorgeous Simplyprincess - thank you for the H-posie :flowers:
  13. That's the prettiest flower I've ever seen!!!
  14. Thanks SP

    I will take a beautiful flower like that anytime.
  15. lol! That is such a beautiful flower!