1. Well so here's the story. I used to cheerlead and go to tumbling classes all the time. I almost had my backhand spring and my flexibility was superb. But a couple years ago I got bored with it. So silly me decided to quit. Now I am regretting it so bad! I have decided that I want to start cheerleading again but the other day when I attempted to do my jumps I was shocked at how terrible they were! I mean my hurkies don't even look like hurkies! And my toe touch is barely off the floor and my landing is horrible. And don't even get me started on arms, back, and facial expressions. I think tryouts are going to be in about 2 months and I need to get back into cheerleading shape! Can anyone help me?!
    My flexibility is alright. It's pretty good for someone who hasn't stretched in a very long time. But I need to get more flexible.. especially in my legs!
    My jumps.. ugh. terrible. I need some serious tips. And the sad thing is that they used to be great.
    I have decided to postphone attempting any form of tumbling.
    There isn't a cheerleading/tumbling gym anywhere near me so I'm going to you guys for some help :smile:
  2. Just keep determined and practice everyday. Do stretches each day also. Practice makes perfect!:biggrin:
    Work hard at it, and in 2 months, it will pay off. Good luck!
  3. LOADS of stretching, LOADS!!!!!
    And just start practicing. . . are you sure there's NO where to take a tumbling class twice a week for the nest 2 months?
    It could really help.
  4. sadly no. i wish there was. :[
  5. any coaches you could hire to spot you? When I was in cheerleading, tumbling was equally important as the cheers and jumps.

    To improve your toe touches, sit on the floor and get into toe touch position, then lean slightly back and raise your toes up off the floor and kind of bounce while reaching for your toes. . .
    do you follow?
    This really improved my toe touches.
  6. i used to be a gymnast until i had to quit due to a knee injury. i also did cheerleading for 1 1/2 years and danced on and off since i was 4-5. as others said, stretch! that's the only way to get flexible! do any of your friends have a trampoline? that's a great place to practice jumps and any tumbling you do. as far as your tumbling, without going to a class with a good instructor, it's not safe for you to practice tumbling and get a backhandspring without an instructor.

    do crunches, etc to to get the muscles strong for jumps. strength is also important in stunting and tumbling. practice those splits too for your jumps.

    oh, i good way to stretch for toe-touches is to move your butt right againt a wall and lay down so it kinda looks like your sitting on the wall and let your legs fall into a straddle position, sit there for ~10 mins every day (maybe not all at one time). gravity will do alot of stretching. my old gymnastics coach said to sit in the splits/straddle during tv commercials. the same could be said for any stretching postition. good luck!
  7. I have to agree w/what has already been offered to you. LOTS of stretching...and LOTS of practice. Find a big mirror and do the jumps over and over and over...stretch while you're catching your breath.
    do some leg work outs (calves and hamstrings) if you have access...calf lifts on stairs w/something 'heavy' in your hands are an option if not.
  8. it after a warm bath/shower because you'll be able to stretch further. if you can do it with a partner to resist you and push you down farther.

    dont bother using ankle weights, does nothing for you.

    do your kicks before your jumps.

    do a lot of ab exercises. when you do sit ups, use a weight (10-15lbs) sitting on your chest.

    do a lot of lunges and squats.

    and what i found when coaching, having someone yell "sit" when you jump for your toe touch improves it 100%. eventually you can just tell yourself to sit and itll look good.
  9. Here is what I sent to my squad to stretch nightly in between seasons:

    Stand up with feet wide apart and hands high in air. Reach with the left arm and touch the floor next to your right ankle basically kissing your knee. Repeat with the right arm and left ankle. Then reach high and go straight down the middle to try and touch the floor in between your legs and reach as far back as possible.

    Now sit on the floor with your legs spread out as wide as possible. Reach with the left arm to grab the right foot. Repeat with right arm and left foot. Now go down the middle and aim to get your belly button to touch the floor. Put your legs together and try to grab your feet, as you reach down treat your vertebrate as if you are laying down a strand of pearls one pearl at a time. Hold each position for 30 seconds!

    Do your splits with the left leg in front, right leg in front, and then down the middle. Hold each one for 15secs!
  10. The reason I'm putting tumbling off to the side right now is because it isn't a requirement to make the cheerleading squad. And also none of the other girls tumble lol.

    I FINALLY found a place that I can take tumbling/cheerleading classes to get me back into shape! I am very happy!

    And for strength training that will help me with my jumps and cheerleading over all.. do you mean sit-ups and push-ups?

    Swanky -- I tried the move you suggested and my legs don't stay in the air for more than one second. Am I doing it right? I feel like my movements are jerky.
  11. this just like a hip flexor exercise. another great varriation is a V-Up. Lay completely flat on the floor and then bring your chest and legs up so they are like snapping an open book shut (your legs should be together on the ground but in the toe touch position while you are "snapping up") really great simulation for a toe touch.

    yes you need all sorts of strength training, tons of crunches, push ups, pull ups, squats, and lunges.
  12. I'd just practice everyday... go jump in your yard, stretch, and keep going for it!
  13. I've been stretching like crazy the past couple of days and I can feel the strain.. and see a little bit of improvement!

    As for strength training -- I'm doing 200 crunches a day, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats. Does this sound okay?

    And I'm signing up for tumbling/cheerleading classes at the gym that I found. So I will have some assistance at bouncing back.

    I'm really excited to start cheerleading and tumbling again! I can't believe how much I've missed it. :nuts: :smile: :woohoo:
  14. you need to do a variety of crunches, add bicep and tricep exercises with weights (push ups arent enough), and varriations on the squats. i would seriously sign up at a gym and get a personal trainer to show you what you need to do.

    good luck!
  15. I actually miss it too! But it's been a LOT longer for me:shame:LOL!
    I really hope my DD is interested because I really enjoyed it:yes:
    She's in a cheer/tumbling class now, but she's so young I can't tell if it's something she'll be good at or not.
    I put her in it to burn some of that energy little ones have!