Cheerleading question - where do we stand?

  1. Ms. Pineapples site is down so I don't know where to ask this!

    When cheerleading where do the cheerleaders stand? We have 2 sets of bleachers on our feild and they moved them aside so we could go in between to cheer -- but then where do the away team's cheerleaders go?
    Where do cheerleaders go when thre are 2 teams of them?
  2. I'm guessing the bleachers are both on the same side? if so, one teams fans sits on one set of bleachers and the other teams fans sit on the other set. the cheerleader squad cheers directly in front of their fans bleachers. this set up lends itself more to "challenge" cheers between the 2 rival squads and may irritate the crowd some so both squads have to be respectful of that. your squad can also turn towards the field to cheer directly to the team to give the crowd a break.
  3. Thanks - yes this is how it's set up.
    The problem with this though is that then we are blocking the crowds view - the bleachers are right on the ground so if we stand in front we block those on the lowest bleachers. Also we have 25 cheerleaders!

    We did have the other team's girls on the very end of the field but one of the refs came up to us after and suggested we 'share' the feild more - but we are not sure how ???
  4. so your not blocking the crowd, move down a little. make sure your cheering in a bit of a rotation with the other team(you know for cheer etiquitte)
    (x is your squad, y is theres, H are the bleachers) hope that helps. i use to coach.

    XXXXXX yyyyyyyyy
    XXXXXX yyyyyyyyyy


  5. there were times when I was in JV that we had to stand on the field, off to the sidelines, away from the players, almost near the goal post. at times like these, we would just find some room and cheer exclusively to the team.

  6. That's what we did when I was in JV too!

    25 cheerleaders seems like an awful lot for a small squad just starting out-- you might think about downsizing. I was part of a squad at a 4AAAA school and we didn't have that many.

    Good luck!
  7. 25? wow. when I was in varsity, counting the songleaders, we had that many on the field/boxes. 25 in just a cheer squad? thats alot o' yellers!
  8. That's what I was thinking. When I was on Varsity we had 16 on the field.
  9. Nyria, maybe you guys could split up? Maybe have half your squad in the stands supporting the cheerleaders and players, then at halftime they could switch?
    I agree, it's too many but you can't go cutting them now so you don't have much choice.

    My DD's field is set up similar but the opposing team is on the other side. But our bleachers are in the grass unlike our big varsity field w/ a track around it.
    we set up like this, using someone else's letters as a diagram {x=cheerleader, H=bleachers}

    x x x x x
    x x x x x


    my girls cheer almost next to the bleachers so as not to obstruct the view of the game. The Cheer Moms sit right in front of them since we'd rather watch our girls than the players! :p

    Since we don't cheer every minute of the game, it seems like there's be a natural back and forth that's reaosnable for 2 squads sharing one side.