cheer up brownies!! *with pics!!*

  1. So I am feeling super down today.. and started making some brownies..! they are not too sweet like ready made ones (I hate too sweet ones!!) :balloon:
    these taste yummy :biggrin: and guaranteed to cheer anyone up!



    You’ll need:
    1 & 1/4 cup white flower
    3/4 cup powder sugar
    1 tea spoon of me (vanilla :shame:smile:
    a hint of salt
    3 eggs
    113 gram of unsalted butter (we usually say 1 bar of butter)
    6 Galaxy chocolate bars (dont eat them yet!! :sweatdrop:)

    How to:
    Just melt the whole butter and 3 bars of Galaxy using a hot water bath.
    In a large bowl mix all ingredients including the melted choco together using a wooden spoon until its well mixed.. dice the remaining 3 Galaxy bars and mix them as well.
    Pour all in a baking pan and bake on 270-300 Fahrenheit until you make sure (via knife) that it’s done. (the time varied in my case each time cause my oven is nuts by all means :upsidedown: loool)

    Hope you liked it :heart:
  2. I'm a sucker for anything chocolate..and these look quite yummy! Hope you feel better :heart:
  3. They do look good :drool:
  4. Brownies! I love brownies. Those look delcious!
  5. those looked good!!

    here are mine:

  6. OMG I LOVE brownies, :drool:can I PM you guys my address:nuts: U all can overnight 'em:p
  7. OMG Twisted!! TDF i sooooooooo wanna taste yours!! I didnt know what to do with my brownies to make them darker in color hehehe.. it looks yummier!! :girlsigh:

    awww sweetie i wish i could garante an overnight!! all the way from saudi arabia loooool :woohoo:
  8. Oh I am such a sucker for brownies, but like you Deemah, I hate the too sweet kind...I want the juusst right kind. Mmmmm!! I want those with coffee right now! I hope your day gets better too:heart:
  9. mmmm did u say coffee!!! thats the *secret* word!! LOOOL
    i was almost going to take a pic of the arabic coffee i made along with the brownies.. but figured its a wierd looking :borg: coffee in tiny tiny mugs loooool :shame:
    hehehe will post a pic of it next time.. i will be brave then :biggrin:
    thank you sweet heart for ur lovely wishes :love:
  10. vanilla - i put unsweetened cocoa on it :tup:

    bagfreak - i accept orders. JK! :lol:
  11. vanilla_addict, I want the coffee ones!!
  12. Twisted, your brownies making me :drool:
  13. :drool:
  14. Oh man, you guys are killing me!!!!!

    Those look fantastic! :drool:
  15. ladies and gents!!
    here is some arabic coffee to go with the brownies!!
    plz do execuse me for taking the pics in my room!!



    some info about it:
    -its very light (compared to other types of coffee like Turkish and American).. its made differently and has a total different taste (duuuuh vanilla!! no new info here!!) looool i know i am terrible at this..!! :p
    -traditionally served with dates mostly.. but also its known to be served alone.. or with sweets..
    -its ((not)) common to use transperent mugs like mine (usually white ones are used).. but i love these more! + i chose them to show u the coffee better in the pic..:idea:
    -you pour only less than half the little mug!! for the guest to be able to hold it comfortably.. since its hot! (i always end up breaking that rule.. when will i ever learn!! :shame:smile:

    hope u enjoyed it!! :heart:
    gahwa.jpg gahwa2.jpg