Cheer me up - I could cry!

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  1. As some of you know, my last couple of bag purchases have been somewhat tortured. I bought a black e/w gauffre in France and exchanged it for a naturale e/w cervo satchel. When it arrived it had a canvas strap and was much bigger than I expected. :crybaby:I just don't love it. I'm so disappointed. I can't do another exchange with the store so, bottom line is I've wasted £1k as I don't ebay.
    I'm so fed up, just wish I hadn't been so impulsive!!!
    Cheer me up girls.
  2. So sorry - did you ever post a picture of the bag?

  3. so sorry to hear that you are not loving your bag......
    maybe you can sell it at the marketplace? consignment?
  4. So sorry! You should watch a Charlie Brown Christmas or Little Miss Sunshine, because those always make me feel good. Or throw yourself a party. :smile:
  5. Just saw Little Miss Sunshine - loved it! Well I gave myself a shake and decided to give the bag another chance. I took off the horrid canvas strap and liked it much more. It just looks more like a Prada should now. It hasn't been love at first sight but I think we're going to be friends after all!
  6. Sarajane, I'm sorry to hear that you don't love the naturale e/w cervo satchel when it came. When you have a chance, post some pics.
  7. :yes: yay!
  8. Yeah, Sarajane, post us some pics -- coz I bet it's fabulous!!! :smile:
    Also, I bet if you change the canvas strap and use a Prada leather strap, you'll fall in love...

    You might also appreciate it more on those days when you have to carry more (if you feel it's big, as you say). I had to drive to a meeting today almost 3 hours away so I carried my black e/w Gauffre - the larger one... I was so happy coz I threw in my wallet, cell phone, blackberry, small notebook, agenda, sunglasses in case, extra glasses in case, cosmetics case/wristlet, hairbrush in case, yet another case (wristlet) with mints and gum, sigh... another wristlet with uhhh... checkbook, receipts, giftcards, paper stuff in case I went shopping somewhere... and yet another baggie with oatmeal bars and snacky stuff for the ride home.

    Oh, there was plenty of room for more.. but i have my limits! Anyway, I got 5 or 6 compliments on my (sorta, kinda big) bag and I just loved wearing her -- she hangs so beautifully even with all that stuff, on the arm or shoulder.

    I really hope you will feel much better about your bag soon! I want pics!!!!! :smile:
  9. Wow! Most men say that women carry too much junk in their bags...but honestly, nothing on there seems in excess...I'm trying to figure out how I manage without a purse...:confused1:
  10. sarajane -- I felt that way about my large frame bag -- just so huge at first as I got the largest one. Couldn't find anything in it. Got little pouches for stuff, couldn't remember what was in what pouch. Argh! Now I absolutely love it. I'm willing to bet your bag will grown on you.
  11. Girls, you are all so lovely! I'm feeling better about it now. I'm still not passionately in love but we're warming up to each other. I'm now off to do pics so you can see her for yourself......