Cheek and lip color?

  1. Hey ladies... questions....

    If you wear a pink toned blush do you wear a pink lip color?

    If you wear a peachy blush do you wear nude or peachy lip color?

    How do you know which color family (pink or peach) will look best with your skin tone?
    Or can anyone wear either??:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. You need to stick within the same color range. I think you need to go to a makeup counter and have an artist tell you whether you're warm or cool toned. I usually stick to peachy/nude tones, but lately I've tried some pink with warmer hues to them. You can kind of tell what doesn't go with your skin as well. A bright pink will not work for me at all. If I have a peachy blush, then I try to stick with a tan/peach/coral lipstick.
  3. I pair a pink blush with a pink-, rose-, berry- or any cool-toned lip color. I pair a peachy blush with warmer lip colors, such as peach, nude, or brown-toned colors. You don't have to only wear pink OR peach blushes. For example, if you are a pale-skinned blonde, then you aren't stuck wearing cool pinky colors for your entire life. There are different looks and some cosmetics companies combine coordinating colors in a single palette that you can purchase all in one.
    As long as your whole look is coordinated, then it will come off looking pretty.
  4. I'd pick a lipstick/lipgloss in the same colour range as my blush.
  5. I agree; at least in the same range...the Prescriptives counter can be very helpful with colr.
  6. I agree as well. Keep colors in the same family .... cool or warm.
  7. I always match my blush to my lip color. I can wear browns, pinks, mauve, berries, reds, etc. Orange/rust looks terrible on me. Peach looks the best on me. I just figured it out through trial and error.

    My everyday blush is Smashbox lowlights in glow. I wear either Chanel glossimer in sundress or L'oreal color juice in strawberry smoothie with it. If I wear different blush, I match the gloss to it...

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. Thanks so much everyone!!
  9. i usually wear the same blush c0mb0 all the time which is NARS penny lane layered with 0rgasm and Chanel reflex.....when im tan i use cactus fl0wer instead 0f penny lane