****** checks to be mailed 2/15 -anyone buying LV with their rebates?

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  1. Just curious what people are planning on buying LVwise with their ****** rebates? I am not sure...but I know the checks are going to be mailed out on 2/15/07 - yippee!!!

    Hmmm...What shall I buy?

    I don't have much coming back to me - $69.34 (I just signed up in October - 3 mos worth of rebates ;)), but's it's BONUS money :yahoo: to put towards maybe a Speedy 30 or 35? Seeing that the price increase didn't happen -I am not rushed to buy it!! I am still enjoying my BH.

    ...oh, just curious what others plan on doing LVwise with their rebates????????

    ...OH YEA...GO BEARS!
  2. I know what a rebate is but for LV??? Do tell!!
  3. Buy a mini pochette or cles?

  4. ****** is a site I learned from others on this site and the LV forum...you sign up, make online purchases like you would normally and then after 3 mos. thye send you a rebate - kind of like fat wallet, I think is another one? ELUXURY is part of it, so people who buy their LV's online go through ****** and get adl rebates off their purchases - and then my question was when the rebates come, as they are being mailed out shortly - what people planned on doing with theirs - you know towards the purchase of a new LV. Hope that answers your question. :smile:
  5. i think I requested to be put through my paypal but I thought it was on 2/1.
    Like you I have a modest amount coming back to me.
    uhhh, yahhh, I am putting my wishlis together for the year, looking at stuff in the boutques.
  6. I could pay tax maybe with my rebate check from ******.
  7. mine is more than enough for a cles.....^^; but like my tax return, i already 'advanced' it for LV already lol
  8. I have not gotten word about when my check will come. How do I find out?
  9. ****** payment will be given out on Feb 15! I will be getting over $500.00 due to my Epi splurges on Cyber Thursday! woohoo!!!
  10. ^^^whoa! what were you buying and PRAY TELL about cyber thurs!
  11. I think I'm getting back $145 & I am putting it towards something LV, maybe a bandeau or a Cles.
  12. I enjoyed reading how everyone plans to use their ******..wish I had $500.00 coming back too!! Wow, you've been busy up there!! You go girl!!
  13. i have $10.10 coming back to me. lol
  14. can somebody tell me how i know if my check is coming. I didnt receive any emails from ******
  15. I have an account but I can never remember to use it!