Checkroom: Question for owners of 40cm Birkins (and the like)

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  1. Have you ever been forced to check your 40 Birkin because it's deemed too large? For example, the policy at MoMA: "The Museum requires visitors to check backpacks of any size, shopping bags, and bags 11 x 14 inches (28 x 35.5 cm) or larger."

    If yes, what do you do? Or are you in the habit of checking for limitations before going anywhere where there might be such a policy?
  2. Hmm, interesting question! Personally I never like checking my purse. When I know I'm going somewhere like a museum that requires you to check bags I just make a point of bringing a smaller purse, or of putting my valuables inside a clutch, inside of a larger tote. If I had a birkin, though, well that would be the valuable! Probably I'd try to avoid having to check a birkin whenever possible.
  3. Um... Interesting question. No I have not asked to check my 40... Not even on the plane... I would just use other bags if I knew I would have to check my 40 though...
  4. I actually went to a party after work at a museum and I did check my 40, rather than tote it around. It got squashed into a metal rack. Yikes. I also asked them if I could tape the check tag on the bag myself in a way that would not allow the adhesive to actually come in contact with the bag. I should have just carried the damn thing, but it was packed with junk!

    Lesson learned. I should have left it at work. No damage though. Box calf is tougher than you think!
  5. Years ago a gate agent took a look at my 40 Birkin and told me I would have to check it. I remember being a bit stunned. In the end we had a "discussion" and I was allowed to board with it. This was probably about 8-9 years ago. Nothing like it ever happened since. Her reasoning--she believed it was not a purse!

  6. I guess this means you are considering a new addition to youe H family??? That is very exciting!!

    I have never been asked to check a 40. That includes domestic as well as Intl flights. However, I have never carried a large bag to one of the museums.

    Cant wait to see the reveal!!
  7. I went to the Burberry sample sale and all bags had to be checked in there. I fastened my bag up using the cadena I had hanging off my bag and asked them if they wouldn't mind putting it on a shelf where nothing else would be put on top. I explained that it was because the bag was expensive and the security guy was actually very understanding.

    It's tricky to know whether to say why you are being so precious because then you may worry about the bag being stolen.....
  8. I was asked to check my 35 Birkin at the museum in Cologne due to their "bags no bigger than a piece of A4 paper" policy. I was killing time before going to the airport so had my passport in there too. I pointed out that it was my handbag and that I was only browsing the gallery but they would not budge. So i told them I was not going in and got a refund of my ticket. grrr!

    I've had it in Spain too - in Barca there is a shop at the top of Passeig de Gracia which sells "exclusive clothing" (i.e. European designers although less well known makes). They also asked to check my bag - they take all bags off you and just shove them on a shelf near the door by the cash register. I said no way and left the shop.
  9. Thanks everyone. I think the answer is that you should try to plan ahead, which sort of counts against the 40 being an "everyday bag".

    I doubt that these days airport security would make you check your 40. It is clearly within the size parameters. (And since I always carry around a tape measure, I could prove it to them!)

    Castorny -- good point about the adhesive on the check tag. Yuck!
  10. beaumonde checking in everywhere was the reason I moved down to 35. Also we both know how "squeezy" NYC bars & restos are

    Another option is to ditch MoMa and go to Met instead, closer to Hermes Madison.............

  11. That depends... Do you go to the museum everyday? :lol:
  12. Have never been asked to check my 40 on a domestic or int'l flight...and I often carry it on inside of a Large canvas H tote so I can sling it over my shoulder. Also carry a Jige clutch inside the 40 to hold wallet, passport, tickets so I don't have to rummage about to find them quickly!

    Have been asked to check it in many museums. Never had a problem, I just pull out my clutch so wallet, etc. stay with me.
  14. Ken-Doll -- now you've got me looking at all the policies! (And as a plug for MoMA, it's significantly closer to Hermes Madison than the Met is. :smile: )

    Met Museum: "All backpacks, large bags, and large umbrellas must be checked in at the coat-check facilities."

    AMNH: "Items not accepted in the coat check include perishables, wallets, purses, musical instruments, bikes, computers and other items deemed to be of high value." [Nice exception there]

    Brooklyn Museum: "All packages, large bags, and umbrellas must be checked."

    Dia Beacon: "Visitors are required to check all backpacks, packages & open parcels, umbrellas, and bags/purses larger than 11X14 inches."

    Guggenheim: "All backpacks, large toddler carriers, double-sided strollers, jogging strollers, large umbrellas, and bags or packages larger than 16 x 16 inches (40 x 40 cm) must be checked."

    Neue Galerie: No limitation.

    New Museum: "The Museum requires visitors to check backpacks of any size, shopping bags, and all bags larger than 11 by 17 by 6 inches (28 by 43 by 15 centimeters)."

    Info not available online: Whitney, ICP, Onassis Cultural Center, PS1

    Xiaoxiao -- Maybe! Usually go on a whim 2-3x/wk.