checkout my new coach tote

  1. As some of you know I had started a coach ebay business for my daughter's marketing class last year and I went out and bought about $10,000 worth of coach stuff from the outlet. It became a little bit of an addiction. All that led me to this site and the rest is history. (20 non-coach bags later) Anyway, the kids sold a bunch and the class is long over and I have all this coach stuff left and I am now into chloe and balenciaga and whatever tpf is talking about. So, I sell off a little bit when time allows but finally I had the nerve to take some back to the main coach store and I had all my receipts, but they treated me like I was crap until I said I would just like to use the credit to buy something more expensive than the credit. So here is what I bought and I am going to use it for my computer bag. It is a gorgeous leather and color and they make it in one size smaller too. next, I'm thinking about having a giveaway here in the coach section , so don't tell those who don't venture in here and you'll all have the opportunity to set up the giveaway. More to come. Loren
    coach tote.jpg coach tote 001.jpg coach tote 002.jpg coach tote 003.jpg
  2. GREAT Bag!
  3. thanks, my son wasn't too keen on modeling a girl's bag but I wanted you to be able to see how big it really is. They said that this is the hottest selling bag they have right now. so like a good little pf girl, I said "I'll take it"
  4. Its a bummer they were so mean to you about returning stuff...but at least you got a great bag out of it...even if your tastes have started to vary a bit.
  5. BEAUTIFUL bag! I saw that in the Coach store and loved it. Very nice. Tell your son I love that color on him. LOL
  6. I love that Tobacco color. It's on my list.
  7. Cute tote!
  8. BEAUTIFUL bag!!! love the color- your son is such a great sport!!!
  9. LOL He's a good sport. :o) I love your new bag, the leather looks fabulous!
  10. I was looking on their website earlier & was drooling over the black one. (I need a Fall bag) anyways..I used the try it on feature & the bag would be way past my hips like at my thighs. Too big for me but is really a gorgeous bag! Thanks for sharing. Enter me in the giveaway if you do decide to do it.
  11. Beautiful bag! I really like this color.
  12. Great Bag!
  13. What a great guy! Thats a nice bag, I just love that color and purchased the mini skinny to use in a swing pack.
  14. I LOVE that bag!!!!!!:love:
  15. ooh that would be a perfect work bag for me I wonder if i can get it in Oz? what is the style called? just leather tote in tobacco colour?
    I am new to Coach :heart: