Checkout my latest acquisition :)

  1. Here's a black matte crocodile Kelly pochette with palladium hardware :love:
    DSC00364.JPG DSC00365.JPG
  2. GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats pinkish!!!!!
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! May I ask how much Croc.Mini-Kelly is? I want one...!!!!!!!!!
  4. Its $7880 :flowers:
  5. Oh my! Your Kelly pochette is magnificent! I am literally swooning. Gosh, there have been so many spectacular purchases by PFers lately. It is wonderful to live vicariously through all of you!
  6. OMG! This is one GORGEOUS bag!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Pinkish!
    You will be able to wear this beauty with EVERYTHING!!!!! She's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And we have yet ANOTHER addition to our Hermes Purchases for the Week! OMG!!!! What a week it IS!!!!!
  7. Love your croc Kelly!! Wow...this has been a winner of a week!
  8. Oh. My. Heavens. That is just exquisite. It will go with literally everything. Congratulations!!!
  9. Thank you!!!!! Lovely Mini Kelly~:heart: !
  10. I am sorry to ask you many questions...How much does it hold? I kind of carry decent amount of make-ups when I go out...
  11. Pinkish, you are on a roll here with the Croc!!! This is so elegant! Congrats :drinks:
  12. Congratulations, she's a beauty!
  13. :nuts: Congrats!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
  14. How gorgeous!!! I must say that this price is quite fair considering it IS Hermes croc. What a spectacular evening bag!!
  15. Sooo Elegant!!!! Congatulations!!