Checklist when buying a Kelly

  1. I hope to get this list compiled soon... :graucho: My future looks promising. :p

    Anyway, I do hope you guys would help me on what to look out for when buying a Kelly in the store.

    What should I check? Normally for bags I just check the hardware and stitches, and see if the leather has no scratches. Is there any specific thing to check? Long ago when I was a noob (still am) I remember reading about someone's bag straps (I don't know what they are called, the 2 straps in front!) are not of the same length, is that an issue that I should note?

    What comes with it? The bag itself, the dustbag, the clochette and the cleaning instructions? ;)
  2. I didn't get cleaning instructions. My Kelly came with dustbag, shoulder strap with dustbag, clochette and lock with dustbag, and raincoat (2).
  3. bag, dustbag, shoulder strap, raincoat (inside the ziploc has 2 sets of raincoat), lock, clochette, keys. and no cleaning instructions
  4. Same as what the other ladies have said, but some of my bags of late have come with that little pamphlet about leather inside...not a biggie if you don't have it, though. It just says something about leather being a natural product yadda, yadda, yadda.

    The bags are Quality Control checked before they are sent, so you really don't need to check it out.

    My checklist is:

    1. Bank Account

    2. Outfit

  5. look for plastic on the inside hardware and strap, hehehe.
  6. Ooooo LyannaS...

    Hope this is not too premature to send you congratulatory waves >>> :dothewave:

    What I always do when I pick up any bag from my store are the following:-

    a) Check the craftsman stamp and year stamp. Just so I know when the bag's made

    b) Make sure that the flap/felt protector is still with the bag and not thrown away.

    c) Check that all the hardware still has the film on, that way is the easiest to assume NO scratches on her bag prior to my purchase, and any scratches seen thereafter are done by me.

    d) Check that there are no surface scratches on the bag

    e) Check that there are no loose stitches

    f) Check that all corners are good

    g) Check that the zip works

    PS: The QC for Hermes is high. So the chances of any of the above not in ideal condition is rather low.

    The most important thing to me, is to confirm that the leather and colour is exactly what I am buying. Each box comes with a paper tag. Read it carefully.

    Sometimes, when I need to see a dark colour properly, I will do like what gigi always suggests to me, take the baby out of the store and view it in outdoor, natural light.
  7. LOL, K! I posted, then saw this ^^

    I check for the sake of checking, knowing I won't be sorely disappointed. But still check anyway. A compulsive disorder I have! :sweatdrop:
  8. OMG!!!!! LMAO, K!!!!!!! I swear, I never check anything.....just look, touch, try it on, ponder for 1/2 second, plonk down the credit card and I'm out the door.

    Of course, this is NOT at the store-that-has-nothing..............
  9. Thank you guys. I was just feeling a little worried after reading that huge thread about the QC problems. :wtf: The DH would KILL me if I didn't check "properly".

    Eh anyway I saw a teeny tiny pulled thread on the orange lindy that I eyed. Not serious thou, they said that it's because it's handmade.

    MrsS, well, I got the call but it's not in box. She said goat, I hope it's the smooth kind, I don't like the ones with a lot of creases. Anyway it'll only be in next week, but I have done a lot of imagining since the call. This floating golden bubble is going to give me a very good few days, anticipating this bag!
  10. Good luck, I hope it's something you really like!
  11. Good luck!!!!
  12. Lyanna: Yeh !! I hope it's the right bag for u !!! the wait is absolutely thrilling !!

    I did the same as the other ladies did : check for bag, with dustbag, shoulder strap in dustbag, raincoat, lock clochette keys in one dustbag and a little booklet on the leather and (simple instructions) on how to take care of it.

  13. Sounds like Mysore - how fabulous.

    D - I'm the same, I'm always far too bust gossiping with the staff than looking at the bag...I just plop the card won, like you, and go on talking.............and talking.........

    By the way, Lyanna, and real issues will always be fixed by Hermes - pulled threads and the like - they have fabuolous customer service standards, and you won't be disappointed!!

    HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK! There's NOTHING like buying your first H bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Just to add....I got a bag home once, and there was no raincoat pack in the box - it was no probelm, just called the store and next time I was in, there was one there for me - in an orange bag!!
  15. GF

    I'm in the same camp as you and S'mom. Too busy gossiping with the staff (and eyeing up the beefy security man, LOL) to actually check my bag.

    Credit card down, tax paperwork done, delivery details given, and then I'm out the store.

    The last bag I bought has a pulled thread. I still haven't bothered to take it in. It's on the underside anyway, and not really pulled so much as bunched. It probably won't even make it to be fixed until its first spa. And it was pointed out to me by a more fixated person anyway. Doesn't bother me in the least.