Checklist/Must Do List Before Selling

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  1. I tried searching but could not find a related topic, or probably searched using the wrong key words. Please re-direct me if this a repeated post.(TIA! :biggrin:)

    I'm getting ready to send a pre-loved LV purse to Yoogi's Closet. I know I should take (many) photos before I send it off, but what photos are a must?

    I also read that some sellers tag their purse, just in case the purse is sent back, so that they can verifiy it is the original. How do I do this?

    Does anyone have a checklist of things they do before they sell their purse? I'm a little nervous about sending off my purse and want to make sure I have all the bases covered.

    Thank You!
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    Yoogi's has a good reputation as a reseller. I would read on the LV forum what pics authenticators request to authenticate bags and make sure to include those pictures. I sell my Chanel and Balenciaga bags to Fashionphile all the time and I take pictures of the bag from every angle on top of the usual pics needed to authenticate. LV has date codes and heat stamps, right (sorry, not too familiar with LV)? So make sure you take clear, close-up pics of those (in macro mode on your camera). Make sure your camera records the time/date the pics were taken (just in case you don't get the bag back in the exact same condition).

    I was just reading that date codes are not unique to each bag. I know some people attach a tag to the bag's handle (commonly, sellers will do this when they send a bag to the buyer) so that they ensure that if sent back, they receive that same bag and it was not used in anyway. Not sure if the reseller would allow you to do this since they have to take pics of the bag and get it ready for sale. Have you asked them about it? Since the bag is pre-owned are there any specific flaws on it that will allow you to identify this bag as your own?

    Have you tried Fashionphile too? I use them all the time. Julia is great!! HTH
  3. Thank you for the tips!
  4. Yes, everything you can do to protect yourself from a potential issue is to your advantage.

    Pics are fast and easy, tagging the bag is also fast and easy and anything else
    that TPF'ers suggest is available to help you..

    I have said it once and I will say it again, for every hard working and honorable buyer and seller their are many who are not and just look for an opportunity from an inexperienced or for that matter an experienced buyer seller to take advantage and do something that is wrong and then the headaches start.