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  1. Off to the Cayman Island for a little R&R. AF is expected smack dab in the middle of our trip. If she comes, pass the pina coladas... if not, I'm coming home w/a baby. Either way, a win-win situation for me. :P

    See you in a week ladies. :tup:
  2. Aww, have fun and I am praying for no AF!!!!
  3. Have fun!!!
  4. Enjoy and relax, Tabby!
  5. have fun!:beach:
  6. Have a safe trip and tons of fun! :beach:
  7. have a wonderful vacation!!
  8. AF didn't want to ruin my vacation, so she decided to show up 3 days early... how considerate. :tup: I didn't want to unknowingly attract sharks while snorkeling :roflmfao:

    Bring on the fruity drinks:drinkup:and suntan lotion. :beach:

    See you guys ( I swear this is the last time I will check tPF before I leave :smile:
  9. Have fun and enjoy!
  10. Tabbyco,
    I hope you will like me. Came home from vacation and got a HPT positive.
    Sending you tons of babydust!!!!
    VT Pooh
  11. Hope you have a great trip!!!
  12. Tabby are you back??? How was your trip??
  13. I'm back! Great trip!! All relaxed and ready for a week on BDing!
  14. Hi Tabby! Welcome back! How'd you enjoy the Caymans - did you swim with the stingrays and pick up some fabulous jewels? Let us know!!!
  15. Jewels, yes. Stingrays, no.

    DH bought me a beautiful Me & Ro necklace with a lotus petal and a smaller lotus petal nesseled inside. The lotus will anchor me in accepting what ever happens in life as part of my journey, and I like to think the smaller lotus petal represents what will soon be...(wow, I'm so deep).

    After the death of Steve Erwin and the flying stingray that killed a lady in FL, Stingray City was a little more risk than I was willing to take on vacation :nuts:, although I hear they are quite docile. We did snorkel a few days. Poor DH's back was tourched, even with waterproof SPF 30!

    I absolutely love Grand Cayman! It is the postcard of paradise.