Checking out bags in Chanel boutiques w/o purchasing

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  1. Hi ladies, would like to ask if anyone try on the bags in Chanel boutiques w/o buying and will the SA be unhappy etc? I'm afraid they will get pissed if i did not buy anything.

    The chanel prices in my country is ridiculous so i'm thinking of taking the serial number and get friends to help me buy it in the States or Europe.
  2. they probably won't like it, but there isn't anything they can do about it. They can't MAKE someone buy something.
  3. Sometimes I have found there is nothing worth trying on at the boutiques! Like what's left on floor is just soso stylewise! Try on to your hearts content. Personally I would then feel bad asking for serial # but if it means no chanel vs new Chanel a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!!
  4. Well I only went inside to one Chanel boutique and that was the one at the Bloomingdales where I bought my bag. Prior to buying the bag, the sales associates were fine that I was browsing. After I bought my bag at another day, the SAs liked me even more. When I was at the Fendi store, this guy working there kept following me and my friends everywhere I went because I just wanted to look at the things there. I hated it the fact that he was following me right behind me so I left and never came back again.
  5. i think SAs at any store will generally tend to be unhappy if you do not buy anything because they earn a commission with every bag they sell. i don't see why getting a SA unhappy is stopping from trying on the bags at the chanel boutique. if you're thinking of paying so much for a bag, you better try to your heart's content! well, i'm sure the SA might be unhappy but too bad, it's their job.
  6. I always try on at the boutique just to make sure I will make the right decision of the purchases. The SA are overly nice. They never try to sell the bags although I did buy one from the boutique. :smile:
  7. I always try on bags at the boutique without purchasing. Perhaps you could try forming a good relationship with your SA. Mine always shows me their new RTW, bags, shoes, jewelry... I love it, it's like my very own Chanel fitting! :graucho: I always have so much fun at the boutique.
  8. I never buy at the boutique but always go in to look. You never know when they might have something department stores do not. However I help myself and make sure not to waste the SA's time, especially when it's busy.
  9. I agree that last part probably key. As long as you aren't
    aking them miss a sale..... Good luck!
  10. Sometimes SAs hide things in the back for their customers... so sometimes it's worth to ask if you're looking for a particular style. I think most of the SAs I've encounter aren't unhappy if I don't buy anything from them after I tried on the bags. It's better to have someone in there with a chance of buying then no one there at all... ;)

  11. I agree. I haven't bought anything from the boutique yet but have tried on several bags. I try to come in when they are not busy. I have befriend one SA and she is very friendly. We exchanged emails & I have asked her to keep me in the loop when they get new bags in.
  12. That's how I usually get the bags I want. Actually it's been only way at boutique. But there have been times when I go in and my sa has been like got nada to show that you want. So basically I buy not shop for most part. But I live in NYC with crazy busy boutique so I would imagine there could be more downtime for sas elsewhere. And maybe more on the shelves that's interesting for just trying on and having fun with
  13. Personally, I don't think the SAs will get mad at you for 'looking', but if they missed a potential sell with another customer, then yes.
  14. thats what i always thinks... sometimes im just too embarrassed, that i don't even bother lol
  15. Absolutely nothing wrong in that!