Checking Internally for Cervical Fluid

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  1. Ok girls, here it is. I thought I woud just post this so people can read it if they want.

    I took the information from the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. On page 87 there is a detailed diagram of this process.
    I started checking this way because my temperatures were low and erratic and my cervical fluid was scant, probably from being on the pill for more than 15 years.
    I just wanted to see if I was indeed ovulating and I got pregnant:yahoo:

    If you don't have a lot of cervical fluid it won't make its way down to you underwear or even on a tissue when you wipe.
    So, you have to take matters into your own hands. Ha Ha................
    So here goes....
    You basically squat and then reach inside your vagina with a clean hand and with index and middle finger you can feel the bottom of your cervix and draw out the fluid.
    Then you can test it for elasticity and colour. Fertile cervical fluid totally looks and feels like eggwhites. You can stretch it between your thumb and forefinger. The more stretchy it gets the more fertile you are. Some women have days of this stuff, some people have only one.
    The fluid is essential because sperm use it to make there way up the tubes. It also provides an environment that protects the sperm and can keep it alive longer.

    I encourage everyone to test this way. :tup:

    Babydust to all :heart:
  2. Thank you sweetie for posting. :heart:
  3. I have no problem producing plenty of this fluid, but I have wondered lately if it is "hostile" to my husband in some way, like the wrong pH for him or something. I hope the Pre-seed helps with this.
  4. Another way to test if you are "drier" (boy I wish I were!) is to check after a bowel movement if you are squeamish about touching yourself (which no one should be, it's your own body!!!!). After wiping from behind the "poo" get some toilet paper and wipe the vaginal area. During bowel movements, the CM is pushed out too. I believe they mention this in the book too.

    BTW, CM builds up for days for many women getting thinner and thinner and wetter and wetter. But, it dries up prettty quickly once ovulation has occurred - HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that you cannot get pregnant. After ovulation you have 12-24 hours of a fertility left even though you may be drying up - I have a two year old that proves that! LOL I thought for SURE we had missed the window of opportunity, but seems we caught the tale end of it.

    Also, checking CM alone is not a good method of checking fertility because your body can gear up for ovulation and then never do it. It really needs to be taken in conjunction with morning temps at least initially to find out if you are indeed ovulating. Once you know your body, you can go by one method only. We relied on CM for the most part since I have pretty classic ovulation signs in that regard.
  5. Great info guys :tup::tup::tup:
  6. Great points.
    I would never recommend this method for birth control, but in TTC it was way more accurate for me than temperature taking.
    I look back at the temperature chart the month I conceived and still don't see a drop at ovulation. My temperature spiked and dropped after conceiving as well....
    Maybe I should have spent more on the thermometer :shame:
  7. Shyloo, that is very nice of you and great info to share. thank you.