Checking in: Pic of Vlad and I in Venice Italy!!

  1. Hi everyone!!! Just checking in!! I am now in Barcelona, left Florence yesterday. Just thought I'd share a picture of Vlad and I from Venice. It is one of my favorite pictures :heart:

    Lots of info to share when I get back to the states and get settled, including some info on a new giveaway of some goodies Vlad and I picked up for you all!!!!!

    Talk to you soon!!!

  2. Awwww!!! How sweet!!! You two look like you are having the best of times there! Enjoy the rest of your stay! :heart:
  3. OMG you two look so sweet!!! Have loads of fun on the remainder of the trip.
  4. Lovely pic, great location.
  5. Awwwww, what a sweet picture!! Hope that you two had a beautiful time in Venice and that no Pidgeons attacked you :biggrin:
  6. Y'all look adorable! You have gorgeous eyes btw Megs!
  7. You two are just so adorable!

    Beautiful picture and love the background of the buildings!! Continue having fun on your trip!!!=)
  8. beautiful pic!
  9. megs!! you guys look so perfect and happy in your photo!!!
  10. Thanks everyone!! Vlad is actually in Germany now and I am just traveling with my friend Kim... but he was there for the entire Venice portion- we had a BLAST!!!!
  11. So cute!! hope you guys are having fun!!

    Need to make it to italy some time!!!
  12. Great photo! Thank you for sharing it with us. Seeing happiness radiate is good for the soul. And I love your turquo-bling!

    Keep having a fabulous time, and remember to overeat.

  13. HELLO!!! hehehe, so cute!!! I'm glad you're having a blast!!! :o)
  14. Glad you're having a great time Megs (and that Vlad met you in Venice *sigh* how romantic)!!!!
  15. What a great pic!!!! you 2 are sooo cute together!