Checking in, long time no see!

  1. Hey ladies!!

    Well, I see so many new members here, I don't know if any of you would remember me :P Sorry I've been gone! My wedding is 35 days away :shocked: and I'm currently finishing up my thesis paper so I can graduate in about 2 weeks :shocked:

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I miss you guys! I haven't bought any more bags lately, I've just been buying wedding stuff the past month :rolleyes: That's fun too though!! :heart: My dress is home, I met with the restaurant yesterday and we have the menu all set.. It's going to be a GREAT wedding :biggrin:

    Anyways, I hope all of you guys are doing well!! :flowers: :heart: I'll try to stop by more often :smile:
  2. OMG SWEDIE! I was just thinking of you!! So glad you're back! Don't you dare stay away for so long again!
  3. Hi Swedie!! I joined in March but I remember you. Congrats on the'll be excused if you post pics when you get back:P .

    And congrats on the graudation too..what an exciting time for you!! :flowers:
  4. Ditto completely! I was wondering where you'd gotten to. I figured you were busy with wedding stuff. Congrats on the impending graduation, and wedding!:flowers:
  5. Hi Swedie! Nice to *see* you again!
  6. Swedie,
    You must be so excited!! You have so much going on right now!
    Make sure you take some time to relax..maybe get a massage in there somewhere, if possible.

    Do you have a website of your wedding planning?
  7. Hi Swedie! Nice to see you :smile: Hope everything is going well, congrats on graduating! :cool: I hope everything goes well with the wedding, we must see pictures! :biggrin:
  8. So nice to see you, Swedie! I wish you the best with your thesis, graduation and of course, THE WEDDING! And yes, we would love to see pictures!
  9. :yahoo: Swedie, you're back! Best of luck with graduation and your wedding, what an exciting time for you!!
  10. Hi Swedie! Thanks for checking in with us! I'm happy to hear all your wedding plans are falling into place!
  11. Hi Swedie!!!! Nice to hear from you again. Good luck with everything!!!!!!
  12. Hey Swedie!!! Of course we remember you! SO glad you checked in, sounds like your plate is beyond full right now!

    Try to relax. . . we can't wait to hear about your wedding when you get a chance!:flowers:
  13. Hello Swedie,
    All the best for your beautiful wedding, take care and be happy. :love:
  14. Hey Swedie!

    Best wishes for you on your wedding day!!! Looking forward to having you back and yes, we'd love to see pictures!!!
  15. Hey, Swedie! I was wondering where you'd been. I figured your wedding had to be getting close, though. Thanks for checking in and letting us know what you've been up to.