Checkbook wallet - do you carry your checkbook in it?

Mar 13, 2006
I recently got a checkbook wallet (Soho Signature Checkbook Wallet in Khaki/Caramel) and I love it. :heart: But I'm not much of a checkbook user, so not sure if I want to be carrying the checkbook part around with me (I do have to write checks every now and, maybe it's a good idea? :shrugs:). But if I take it out, the wallet looks like it's missing something... KWIM?

One of the things that bothers me about having a checkbook inside this particular wallet is that when you open the wallet, the first thing you see is a checkbook. For example, when I'm paying at a store with a credit card or cash, I don't want people to see my checkbook (a safety issue for me - maybe not a big deal but you never know...). Does anyone else feel this way?

To those who have checkbook wallets, do you use the checkbook part (and actually keep it inside the wallet) or do you take it out? Or maybe you use it for something else? Please tell!
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Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
for the time that i've had my checkbook wallet, which has been about 6 years, it was out! lol, not that i intentionally wanted it that way, but i thought it was kind of clumsy having it in there when i didn't use it much. i've never felt like anything was missing from my wallet (like it looked bare w/o it). maybe i'm just use to it, i don't know.

i think you should probably keep it out of the wallet too b/c you're not using it very much and also for other reasons you've listed. i find that extra pocket space pretty useful for holding other things like receipts and gift cards.


Aug 2, 2008
i do write the occasional i do keep mine in there bit isn't it covered....don't quite get how people would see it....


May 8, 2008
NW Indiana
When I had my leather one, I left it in, b/c I do use mine. Now that I have a sig one, I have to have the checkbook part seperate in my purse, b/c I can't get it to snap with the checkbook in...


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May 7, 2008
Right now I am carrying my compact wallet because it fits so nicely in one of the larger pouches in my Coach bags. I have yet to use mine but if I do, I do not think I will carry the chequebook part unless I know that I need to write a cheque.

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Kelly B.
Jul 7, 2008
With the checkbook cover in, my wallet gets too bulky, so I take out the checkbook cover and just slide my checkbook backing (that 'cardboard' backing piece) directly into the center flap of my wallet. I have a couple of checkbook covers just sitting in a drawer not even being used..... I've never thought of the security aspect of having my checkbook exposed, although I usually only write checks (to pay bills) while I'm at work sitting in my office.


Jul 31, 2008
I don't have a Coach checkbook wallet and just carry minis and wristlets. I found that on the rare occasion when I write a check, it's for the DMV or a donation and I can do that at home so I haven't carried checks around with me for about 5 years. IMHO, the check debit card is one of the best inventions :yes:
That said, if you really need to have it with you what someone suggested about taking the check part out and keeping it separately so you don't pull it out when you use your wallet seems like a great idea.


Jul 26, 2007
Old thread, but just wanted to see if you carry your checkbook cover in your wallet? If you do is it for checks or something else? I just got a new to me checkbook wallet, but I do not use checks. I got a madison checkbook wallet because I like the id window in it. Or do you think I should have gone with the slim envelope instead? Which one has more slots/room for coupons and receipts? Does anyone have both to compare? I have not received the wallet yet, but wanted to research because if I decide to go with the slim I can give my mom the checkbook one.
So which one do you have/prefer? Madison checkbook or Madison Slim Envelope???


Feb 5, 2009
Knoxville, TN
I take the checkbook holder out of the wallet and put the register thing in it so when I make a purchase with my debit card I can write it down ASAP! I've never used checks lol