Checkbook Cover (the inside)

  1. I searched like a fein but could not find anything...

    I'm just curious about the mono checkbook cover. I only want it so I can keep my transaction book in there to keep track of my debit account.

    Does anyone have a pic of the inside of their checkbook cover?

    Thank you ladies n gents!
  2. I am also looking at buying one - the one I want is called Simple Checkbook - has an upper open pocket for transaction book and a lower open-on-the-side pocket for the checks. Check the vuitton website for pics.
  3. I want this, too. Anybody know prices on it?
  4. Give me two minutes and I will have a pic of the simple checkbook cover for ya!
  5. Okay here are the quick pics. If I recall, this is in the $200 range.

    In the first pic (I usually put my checkbook on the left, and the register on the right). They also have some other variations where there are credit card slots and such.
    checkbook01.JPG checkbook02.JPG
  6. Will this fit inside my mono pti? I think it looks a little too thick. Anybody know?
  7. I don't think it would fit in a PTI...I'd say it's at least 1/4" thick, perhaps a bit more. I use a Koala wallet, and just have these two separate. I don't usually take it with me when I am using a Pochette.
  8. Thanks for all your help and for the good pics!
  9. It is $250.00 I just purchased one from e-luxury...when she gets here I will share...should be today...:yes: :flowers:
  10. Thank you all so very much! I'm getting it!!
  11. Here is the one with cc slots. I put some cards in, because it was hard to see the slots, without them :smile:

  12. i wanted to get one of these...last time i saw one, the price was $225, but I don't know if it was affected by the price increase or not.

  13. Your right...I double checked and I paid $225.00 not $250.00...My fault:shame:
  14. the one with cc slots is the pocket agenda. it fits checkbooks perfectly. and is slim too.
  15. SO cute!!!