Check your links!!! CL booties for $208

  1. I just scored a pairs of Christian Louboutin booties for $208 :woohoo: Been wanting this shoes since the beginning of the sales but they always ran out of stock. But I didnt give I went back to the old link that I saved and woohooo they have it in my size. :heart: HEre's my boties
    Tpfers......keep checking your saved links...! GL everyone.
  2. Beautiful. I'm jealous!
  3. Man, how come this never happens to me.. My order only gets cancelled.. haha..

    Congratulations and it is stunning~!!
  4. Congrats! I had thought about getting them, but went for the Metalika's instead. You got a great bootie!
  5. Thank you guys. But now am kinda concern with the size. Please note: Shoes run small. For best fit, purchase one half size larger. I was too excited that I didn't even see that lil note. Does this mean I have to order size 7.5 if am a size 6???
  6. No - it would mean you might need a 6.5
  7. its gone...congrats to everyone who bought it!!!!
  8. They are no longer available on-line. That's a great price. If they are a little snug you may wnat to see a cobbler and have them stretched or put them on eBay.
  9. yeah, that's correct, since for louboutins you (or at least i) need to size up a size. i think they fit slightly smaller too because they're patent leather. i'm a US size 9 and according to this reasoning i bought 40.5 to accomodate both factors, and they fit me perfectly. :yes:
  10. man I love those:drool: shoes!!!! Excellent score! :tup:
  11. Awesome booties....congrats and enjoy them!
  12. very cute booties...
  13. awesome!
  14. darn...technical difficulties :sad:
  15. What a great deal! Enjoy!