Check your NM orders marked as shipped

  1. Hi everyone,

    I know there's a couple of threads going on following the 4-day sale, but I wanted to bring everyone's attention to a slightly different twist that just happened to me.

    I ordered three items, nervously waited for them to get cancelled, and then happily observed the status changed to Shipped, with the expected arrival date of July 24.

    Well, I went to track the order today on the Fedex site and noticed that the only record there is Package Data Transmitted to Fedex, which means that the actual package was never picked up.

    I got on the live chat and it turned out that two out of three items are out of stock and the agent apologized for "misinformation". Well, I checked my Amex account online and I was actually charged for the whole order (not just authorizing the funds, the actual charge appeared there). So he supposedly posted a refund on two items and re-ordered the third one assuring me that I would be charged the price I paid during the 4-days sale.

    Needless to say, I had the chat emailed to myself and will be waiting anxiously for the correct refund and a new charge appear on my Amex account.

    So for those of you who saw their order status changed to Shipped, keep an eye on them until you actually have them in your hands.
  2. omg sweetie i am sosososo sorry to hear that. i scored a chloe and its status is "shipped" and "package data transmitted to fedex" with nothing after that. im talking to a live chat representative now wish me luckkkkk.
  3. I'm sorry that happened to you. I've luckily not had that happen to me, but I will check very closely from now on!
  4. Good luck!