Check your mail! Louis Vuitton Class Action Settlement?!

  1. I just called the Corporate Office. She said that there is a pending lawsuit and that I should go to the website in the letter for more information. She also stated that she can't discuss it.

    I mentioned that they should have advised me that my information was being turned over - even though they were legally required to do so. I'm still wondering who they provided my address to?? Did Ms. Kiss design the website and send out these letters personally?
  2. The letter also states to mail the form back to:

    Louis Vuitton Settlement Administrator
    C/O Class Action Administration, Inc
    PO Box 6878
    Broomfiled, CO 80021-0015

    The website for Class Action Administration has an entirely different address in Westminister. I popped them an email...... G'nite
  3. hmmm...still waiting for mine.

  4. Pending that this is a legitimate class action suit, LV does not have to tell you that they are forwarding your information to a 3rd party because they are court ordered to do so. Usually the courts ask for the information for use as evidence. LV had no choice if they did not want to face further scrutiny. (I'm not a lawyer or in the legal field. The only reason I know this is because I worked for a company that had a class action suit against them and helped their lawyers during factfinding.)
  5. Wow!.......

  6. Yeah, I realize that they were legally required to do so, I mentioned that ^^^. I'm just saying... as a courtesy.. they could have mentioned it..... Then I wouldn't have had to waste so much time looking into whether this is all legit or not.
  7. I got one too...I live in VA and only made one purchase while visiting CAlifornia last year.
    I did notify my LV in my state and she is going to get back with me about it.
    I think it is legit.
  8. Mine has been sitting in the junk mail pile for the past week. Thanks TPF'ers for this thread. However, I'm confused. Why does it ask us to pick which gift card we would like to rec'd? Of course I would pick the $50, right? Why would I pick the $25 gc? :confused1::confused1:

  9. is this legit? did anyone get their GC yet?
  10. ^ i don't think anyone will get GC's until everything is approved. The deadline to submit the form is November 9 or something and i think sometime after that is when it is going to get approved so i doubt any GC's will be sent before that. on the website it expects it to be "late 2009 or early 2010" when the GC's get sent out. i am guessing December 2009 or later.
  11. Me, too!
  12. I don't understand why these forms were mailed before a settlement was reached & before the final court hearing. If the court throws out this suit, then these forms will be worthless. I wonder what other information the reps for Kiss are trying to get.

    Usually this type of form comes after the suit has ended, and there is an actual judgement.
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    They send the forms out before a settlement is reached because they must give people who do not want to be apart of the case a chance opt out. Those people that opt out may want to pursue other avenues, such as taking a suit up against LV themselves to get a higher sum or to get the reimbursement in cash rather than a gift card. In a class action suit, there are no appeals for individuals, only for the group as a whole. Once the court rules, that's it. So it's only fair that they let people know beforehand just in case there are individuals who want to do their own legal work.

  14. They probably didn't tell the consumers for many reasons. One is many people were involved. It would have cost them a lot of money to have to mail out or call everyone that was or could be potentially involved. Another is that they wanted to conceal the lawsuit as much as possible because lawsuits are really bad publicity. One last reason I can think of is that they are afraid of repercussions that may occur. If they told customers beforehand, there would be a lot of inquiry to boutiques and to their toll-free number about the case. It would create a lot of hubbub that would hinder their business.
  15. This is the first time I've seen this thread. Haven't gotten mine yet, but I know for sure I bought something at SCP during that time. Is there anyway to get a form?

    bump for any updates?