Check your mail! Louis Vuitton Class Action Settlement?!


Aug 5, 2009
I just checked the mail today and noticed that Louis Vuitton had been sued for using personal information on credit card holders (which is exactly how Coach got sued). The claim form reads that, if Class Members agree to the form, they can receive the following gift cards:

- $25 giftcard for purchases up to $250 (may be used on any purchase amt)
- $50 giftcard for purchases over $250 (may not be used for less than $250).

Here is the site for more info.:

So yes, please check our mailboxes soon! If this is already posted, I'm sorry. I already tried searching but didn't see anything yet.

Has anyone else heard about this?


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Oct 30, 2006
Link in original post doesn't work, can you post a valid link please. TIA!


May 29, 2008
i just got it in the mail. none of the listed LV store I've shopped at so no giftcard for me, LV Union Square isn't on the list
I also got a letter in the mail. LV San Francisco Maison Union Square is on the claim form I received. Do we have different forms?

And wow... I can't believe we're getting "something" from Louis Vuitton.. lol :P


Nov 28, 2006
Walking distance to Rodeo Drive
It says on the bottom for more info to visit or call 877-530-6632.

It is a 1 page claim form that has to be filled out and sent back.

Here is a summary....

You may be entitled to receive a LV gift card worth up to $50

$25 gift card on purchases up to $250 ( may be used on any purchase amount)
$50 gift card on purchases over $250 (may be used on purchases of $250 or less)
You used your credit card at LV in the retail stores in California from 1/9/08 to 1/16/09
Then there is 4 pages of legal stuff about the settlement

A list of stores that you must have purchased at are.... Asks you to check the one you purchased at.

Beverly Center
Rodeo Drive
San Diego
Fashion Valley
Maison Union Square
South Coast Plaza
Valley Fair
Century City
Palo Alto
NM - Fashion Island
NM- Palo Alto
NM - San Diego
NM - San Fran
NM - Topanga Plaza
Saks - BH
Saks - Orange County
Saks - South Coast Plaza

Then it asks for your name, address date of purchase, form of payment, and the last for digits of your credit card.