Check your Macys 30-50% off some purses and shoes.

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  1. I passed through Macys last night and just had to check the Coach section as I went by. They had a bunch of stuff 30% off in the case. I grabbed a Berry Sabrina for $248.00 and matching wristlet for $40.00.

    I hit the shoe section next and all their boots were on clearance for 50% off. I grabbed a pair of Black DeAnn boots for $79.00 and have a pair of brown snow boots on hold at another Macys in my area will give the name when I pick up the boots they were also marked down to $79.00. I nexted hit the Clearance rack and got a pair of Khaki signature ballerina flats for $64.00. Plus they let me use the 15% off for using Macys Charge since they were clearance items.

    My Macys had a ton of wallets and Crossbodies for 30% off so you might want to make a run through yours if you are looking for anything. I am going to see what the other Macys has on sale when I go to pick up my boots. If I find any other good deals I will let you know.
  2. Yea they have the crossbodies for like $65 and the poppy swingpacks to. They are probably trying to compete for coach customers lol. Our Gain. I scored a Jewel Wallet for $24
  3. See my closest Macy's is an hour away in Savannah. I really just want to hop in my car and drive there so I can see all these great deals everyone is talking about. Although I do need to go there to get some birthday gifts for my son so I can always use that as an excuse lol
  4. Don't forget to use those extra 20% coupons on coach clearance items!! They work on clearance now.
  5. Speaking of Macy's sales, does anyone know when the next One Day Sale is? I am hoping that they do an extra 30% off of Coach clearance.
  6. I scored a pair of Coach suede boots (dark brown, high heel) last week at Macy's for only $59.99 + add'l 15% off! I would have purchased a pair in black as well but unfortunately, my size was sold out.
  7. OMG! I've been wanting to go to Macy's forever now! But unfortunately I've been snowed in for the longest time! I'm pretty sure my local Macy's is closed...but I'm too chicken to call to see if its open. :amuse:
  8. Expy, which boots were they?
  9. Got pics of these?
  10. thanks for the heads up.
  11. Which 20% off coupon?!
  12. Sometimes they send you one for being a Macy's card holder. Last weekend they had the Wear Red promotion where you buy a $2 pin and get 20% off all weekend.
    My mom got 2 coupons and gave me one, but I did not receive the coupon in the mail. We both have macy's cards. Wierd.
  13. I currently have some Macy's coupons. 20% off and $10 off. So you mean I can use this on Coach IF it's on sale? But not if it's regular price? Is that correct?
  14. Ah, I see. I live in Canada, so we don't have a Macy's. Oh well. 30-50% off is still good! Hopefully they have some nice stuff for when I go on my trip this Saturday!
  15. It has to be on clearance- permanently marked down.