Check your local TJ Maxx!

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  1. I got this email today from TJ Maxx about a special luxury handbag event. You can be sure that I'll be checking it out! Not sure if it's in all the TJ's, but I'm sure you could call to find out! :smile:

  2. Sorry, thought the whole picture copied:

  3. mmm thanks for the info. I will be in the general area of a TJ's tomorrow. I'm worried tho, IMO its one of the worst ones around.
  4. Awesome! Everyone, post what you see there! I'll be eager to know if I should make a special trip after work...
  5. Thanks for the info! I wonder if its for all TJs, or just the ones with the Runway section.
  6. Nope, this particular store that the email was for (subject line) DOES NOT have a runway section..
  7. I got that e-mail too and my TJ maxx is morgantown,WV
  8. In my experience the selection isn't that good (or is picked over considerably by the SA's before being put out on the floor). Of course, I'll still swing by today though & see what there is to be had!
  9. I'll have to stop by mine today and check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Yup - same handbag event going on in my area (central FL). The manager of the accessories/handbags department told me about it. She'd already received a shipment of bags for the event earlier this week with instructions to "hold them" until the 7th.
  11. Saw an ad for this in Express paper this morning (DC Metro area) Hope you girls find some goods!
  12. I just called 2 Tj Maxx's in my area. I asked if the designer luxury handbag event will be taking place in their store. The response I got at the first store was "What color are you looking for?" That's when I knew the wrong person answered the phone... I repeated my question and she said 'yes they are all out'. So I asked what handbags they have and she said "Coach, Dooney, and all of the italian ones" - which is what they usually have, so I don't think she even understood

    Then I called the other TJ Maxx and a guy answered so when I asked, he had to put me on hold to ask someone else. Then he said it starts tomorrow and when I asked him which handbags, he had no clue. These people didn't really help and I'd hate to miss out so I am going to stop by both today.
  13. I went to TJM to check this out, they have alot of Coach and Francesco Biasia, some Dooney, and some unheard of italian brands.
  14. Just got back from mine;

    Coach, Dooney, Ed Hardy, Juicy, and all the 'regular' Italian brands they carry.
  15. Hmm... doesn't sound so exciting yet. Anyone see anything better?