Check your local Marshall's

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  1. So I was snooping in Marshall's today with my mom (the one in Pickerington for any Ohio folks) and they had two great pairs of Coach shoes. First, let me apologize for not getting the style names but they were MAD cute! There was a printed python (natural color) pump - closed toe with sky high heel and a black patent gladiator sandle (flat) that had op art C's going up the front of the foot. They had plenty of sizes as well. Unfortunately neither pair were for me, but I immediately thought...I got to let tPF know! I skimmed the rest of the accessories, but nothing else!

    On an aside, there was also a gorgy pair of gold Kate Spade heels (sandals).

    Ladies, you better check your local Marshall's!
  2. prices?
  3. The printed phython were around $100 I believe and the flats were...ummm...less than that (sorry not very helpful...) I would guess around $60-ish
  4. thanks for the info, ive been eyeing those gladiators.
  5. Welcome...hope you can find them!
  6. Jenn - DSW had those pythons a week or so ago for even less. They had a bunch of Coach shoes on clearance this past weekend. Sorry, I forgot about it completely until I read this post. :blush:
  7. My marshells has had tennis shoes the last couple times i've been a barrett sneaker type with the new cc's and another tennis shoe..cant remeber the name.
  8. Thanks for the tip, I've been wishing for some gladiator sandals all summer. I never find any that are good. Time for a trip to Marshalls.
  9. The Marshall's in Turkey Creek in Knoxville has had A LOT Of Coach shoes lately. So any of you local ladies here might check that out. I haven't been in a couple weeks so I'm not sure what is there now. I'll double check the next time I go over there.
  10. Nordstrom Rack in seattle had a lot of coach shoes two weekends ago! I'll bet they are still stocking up on them
  11. Thanks for the tip Michelle...I do have my DSW birthday gift certificate to spend :graucho:
  12. I never made it to Marshall's. Yesterday we were close to one but our van has no air conditioning and it's miserable to go anywhere so I said let's go home. Oh well, I hope some tpfers get some nice gladiator sandals and post pictures here.