Check your items before they are boxed up!

  1. why does this always happen to me???:cursing:

    i bought a gold and khaki mini skinny today and had it boxed up. Of course i never think to look at it before they box it, and just brought my goodies home... well i am here now and just opened my mini skinny and it has a scratch on the gold part....not too big but i notice it....:sad:. will the sa's give me a hard time if i want to exchange it?? i don't want them to think that i did it and now want another one...

    should i just suck it up and keep it??:confused1:

    and why don't they notice this stuff when they are wrapping it???:cursing:
  2. Oh - absolutely take it back! It shoudl be perfect when you take it home. If you leave the tag on it, I am sure they won't give you any trouble at all for taking it back. The Coach SA's want you to be happy with your purchase!
  3. if you're not satisfied take it back!!!
  4. I would take it back.
  5. ITA. Take it back and exchange it.If u don't, the scratch will always bother u.
  6. Coach costs to much to settle for less then perfect right out of the store, and like the poster above me stated, it *will* always bother you.
  7. Definitely exchange it for another one. I hate when this happens - I bought some Coach items as holiday gifts, and they are all boxed up and tied w/the red bow, and I'm probably going to have to mess up the bow and open them just to make sure they are in good condition before I give them!
  8. Please, take it back.
  9. This always worries me when I have stuff wrapped up. I would take it back!
  10. Absolutely take it back!! I never look either...maybe I should, eh? Sorry to hear about the scratch.
  11. I would definitely take it back!!!!
  12. Take it back and exchange it. It gets really wild sometimes when we are trying to find a customer's items and wrap them up. I always try and make a point of checking everything before I wrap it but some people aren't as careful. They shouldn't give you any problems, just tell them what happened.
  13. Take it back , I am sure they will give another one.
  14. I would take it back also.. when I bought my bleecker wallet the guy brought it out for me to look at and it had a big white thing right on the front on the black leather :wtf: I had them get another one from the back.. frustrating!!! :tdown:
  15. Who cares if it bothers the SA's. Exchange it for a perfect one!!!