Check your ebay account!

  1. It finally happened to me. Months (or even years)ago I must have had a person send me a fictitious email and grab my login. Nothing happened for literally months(I had a paypal spoof so I got very careful about checking every email since then). This morning, I have alerts all over my email about my id being stolen. Some idiot got online and used my account to list...get this...2 DeLoreans?!?!:wtf: People are such losers....just a heads up to double check your account as this obviously was something spotted by ebay and cancelled, but I had to change my email password and ebay password.:cursing:
  2. Ick, sorry to hear that happened to you. Thanks for the headsup!
  3. That sucks! I'm glad eBay caught on to it, though. Thanks for warning us.
  4. It's called hijacking and it happens a lot. Please make sure that you never answer any messages sent by someone through the eBay system directly from your email server - or they will have your email addy. Answer questions through the eBay system only or use a hotmail/yahoo account.
  5. The DeLoreans are insane.... wow.

    What's an email addy? Cause I freaking did that this morning, I'm so pissed off. I answered through my work email, now they're asking for more info, and I'm just deleting thank god. Did they get my addy? what the heck is that...

    ick.. look...
    Hi there ,
    I issued this offer because the winning bidder was unable to complete the transaction due to some financial problems he had and all the other bidders had the chance to participate at this transaction . Because of your high rated eBay activity you became the lucky winner of my auction and you have the opportunity to buy my item at your bidding price
    To start this buy it now transaction , reply with your name and address, so I can contact eBay to set up this deal.As soon as I'll receive your info, I'll start the official procedure, and eBay will notify you about this.
    In order to proceed with this purchase , I will need the following informations to start the second chance procedure :
    * your complete name
    * your complete address

    I will need your full name and address to proceed with the shipping .
    Looking forward hearing from you
    Best wishes
    Note: The deal will be closed through ebay system !
  6. Can they get into my bank account with my addy???/ um, help?

  7. Anytime that you reply with to a fraudulant email, you can in fact be downloading a trojan virus that will track all of your information. That is the way that they hijack your infomration and accounts.
  8. My account was hacked into a couple months ago, and the loser had 20,000 listings for World of Warcraft stuff. Luckily my usual customers and watchers, noticed and reported it and let me know. Ebay had to close my auctions I had currently running, but atleast they got rid of it all.

  9. OMG!
  10. I think ebay nv asks for ID or passwords through emails. So beware.
  11. Thank you NVMYLV. I'm going to contact my bank and cards I'm so glad you responded to me. Many thanks... ouch.
  12. :wtf: Thanks for the reminder! This seems to be happening more frequently... :sad:
  13. I got the same email from ebay 2 days ago too! Like you, saying my account had been hacked into. I never respond to emails supposedly from ebay anymore, unless the message shows up in my ebay box, so I am perplexed as to how it happens, as I also have the ebay tool bar and cannot see how it could have happened. Its so worrying isnt it :sad:
  14. ^^^My mother gets these emails all the time and she's not even REGISTERED on eBay, so it has nothing to do with whether you even have an account or not.
  15. I tell you, people are just amazing with the scams they try to pull off. If they spent half as much time earning their money rather than figuring ways to cheat and steal, they would be better off, and so would the rest of us. I have not replied to anyone outside of ebay in years and the only time I have, it has been in a legitimate transaction with a legit seller, but again, who knows how long people collect their names and passwords, etc, before doing something...*sigh* Sorry to hear that Veronika and Allison obviously have had the "pleasure" of dealing with this fun, too. Hope all is ok for both of you:s