Check Your Boxes

  1. I got my PCE stuff from Dec 12th earlier in the week and just got around to opening the boxes. 2 items were missing so I called Coach to see if there was supposed to be 2 or 3 boxes coming.

    Long story short - they are fedexing a new Magenta Heart Luggage Tag & Holiday PW Wristlet to me.
  2. I had that happen on a shipment...I ordered a bag, a wristlet, and the tattersall ponytail scarf and the box came showing all three items on my packing slip but my ponytail scarf was MIA. I freaked out b/c I didn't think they would believe me...but they overnighted my replacement scarf! I love how Coach takes care of us :tup:
  3. YEA!!! I have had this happen from both store and shipped items.
  4. Last PCE I had ordered a keychain - opened my box and inside was a British Tan City bag! LOL