Check you new Chanel bag carefully for defects....

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  1. Of the 12 Chanel bags I have acquired over the past decade or so, a Caviar Jumbo SHW is not one of them. So with Sak's offering triple points plus bonus this past week, the bag was next on my list. My personal shopper out of Boston said they just got a shipment to the Sak's shipping center in Ohio, so this bag had never been unwrapped or touched. Before I even got the tissue halfway off noticed the missing stitches almost the entire side of a quilt. Thankfully I already have another on the way, but this was on the front of the flap and noticeable right away. My PS was shocked Chanel let this get by...

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  4. That's not good. I would hope though that the SA who sells a bag to anyone, PS or otherwise would open it up and inspect it first. Imagine how upset you'd be if it were the only one because the others had sold....
  5. I wish I could say this is the first time I returned a Chanel for bad quality. It is actually the third. First was a chain around messenger fro the Chanel boutique on Newbury in Boston. The flap was so crooked there was a 2 inch gap on one side and a 2 inch overlap on the other. The second was this past Dec. Chevron seasonal cruise bag in Yellow distressed leather. There were 3 different gold/rose gold metal colors on the bag. So sad that the prices continue to climb while the quality is starting to severely decline!:sad:
  6. I do notice stitching issues on lots of SLG as well.

    Glad you can exchange for another one! Unacceptable Quality Assurance.
  7. You are so right! Unacceptable for these prices.
  8. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it happen to Chanel bags!! Thank you so much for sharing with us here. Really need to inspect them more thoroughly from now on .......
  9. older chanel bags are much better quality
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  10. +1 I totally agree :smile:

    I always ask for one that hasn't been on the floor and when an SA finds me one my next question is, are there any scrapes, scuffs, or scratches? You wouldn't believe how many times I hear it's never been opened so it's perfect and then I have to ask but you have inspected it, right? That's when they unwrap it but if I didn't keep on then they never would...
  11. Wow! How? What? This is really scary! So sorry you had to inspect yourself, but also happy you found it and got a replacement!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!
  12. I always find defects too on my Chanel bags but then when I compare them to other ones at the store they are worse... Quality needs to get better or they should lower the prices!!!
  13. You said a mouthful! The fact that this happens so often and the rate of price increases is through the roof, makes me want to stop buying these bags! I have returned two other bag in the past 5 years for quality issues. Then I read all the other stories on TPF and I am disappointed! Do people who purchase Hermes have these problems?!?
  14. This is so disappointing. I justify spending so much on Chanel with the impeccable quality. I can't believe they're raising prices and having these issues.
  15. I have yet to submerge myself into HERMES!! The history behind Chanel (The original GIRL BOSS) appeals to me more than HERMES at this stage of life..

    There is something magical about Chanel, However am completely aware and sad that the quality is lacking.. Whats even more upsetting to me is the fact that some of the SA at Chanel (NOT MINE) will say there is nothing wrong and that its made by hand and it will have some minor defects due to the individual that sat there for countless hours putting all the leather pieces together (I think its 100 steps) wow!!

    #! THE COW hide is to blame for dullness and stiffness or sagging (poor cow)
    #2 Made by hand so will have minor flaws
    #3 I am being picky and nothing is wrong
    #4 Nothing is perfect so except your bag or never get one bc the wait list is a mile long
    #5 We can send it for repair (Hello I purchased it yesterday)!!!
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