Check with the personal shoppers at NM or Saks

  1. I was looking for a jumbo blue in patent, although it wasn't out on display. It turns out that the personal shopper at NM had the bag, so make sure you double check with them, in addition to your SA. I have also found bags in the Chanel clothing boutique, the styles of which were not displayed in the handbag boutique. This is particularly true if your regular SA is in. Thought this might be helpful.
  2. Blue patent leather sounds pretty. I think I will go looking for one....
  3. The personal shopper at NM didn't help me with that same question except to refer me to two stores to call. As it turns out, I found my navy jumbo patent at one of the stores! Did you use the online ps service??
  4. I found out because I was at NM yesterday, looking for a blush patent jumbo. I only saw it in medium. The SA said that the personal shopper might have one, and it turns out they did. My thought now is, make sure that the store checks out the personal shopper, as well as the inventory in the boutique itself. Often, a PS keeps stuff separately.
    Hope this helps.