Check VS Nova Check

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could clarify something for me.
    Is a Check the same as a Nova Check?
    Because the Nova Check seems like it has more lines on it than just the Check style.
    If they are different could someone post and compare them for me?
    That would help alot!
  2. There are several different checks:

    Haymarket/Equestrian Check:
    With the Burberry knight logo on it
    House Check:
    Aout the same as above minus the knight
    Nova Check:
    A lighter background, cream coloured as opposed to the darker, caramel coloured House and Equestrian check; also in size bigger
    Super Nova Check (or "Explode Check"):
    Even bigger than the Nova Check, if you have smaller items you will probably have only a small part of the check pattern on it, like a single stripe.

    Regina :smile:
  3. ok correct me if im wrong.. but is the check/house check lines going downwards and across and the nova check diagonal?
  4. Hm...good question...I think you have a point there... my two Nova Check bags are diagonal... my mother has a house check bag and that's in right angles... Very good!!! I'll keep that in mind when looking for Burberry bags to see whether it's applicable to all the bags.
    Regina :tup:
  5. Thanks Regina!
    That helps me alot, with the confusion about checks. :p