check this out!!!

  1. I know....:love: Wish I can afford it now:hysteric:
  2. Thats cute, how much was it retail?
  3. Oh, oh, oh!!! What a cutie!
  4. that's adorable!
  5. Is it even real?

    hahah. just kidding... Gahhh... the things I would do for that Jewelry Box...
  6. It's so cute:love:
  7. Very cute! I love that Panda!
  8. I WANT!!!:hysteric:
  9. very cute
  10. I prefer the onion head one myself.. he's kind of freaky cute !
  11. i wish i have $2500 just lying around somewhere... maybe i should search for that distant aunt after all LOL!
  12. I want the whole set of them....I think there was even one with the alien guy (different than the onion guy)
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