check this out

  1. wow. those comments are getting pretty nasty. :wtf:
  2. I can't see them. Oh well.
  3. did you guys see the new hamptons vintage stuff in canvas with EMBOSSED leather trim???

  4. I love these thanks for sharing...
  5. Actually Katrynar, I'm eyeing the other one. Is that a medium Lily??? It's gorgeous!!
  6. it was interesting, but some of those comments...:push:
  7. "Where are the Hermès Birkin Bags!??! damn poors and their tacky coach bags :sad:"

    Yeah, this was especially nice. Someone needs to get over themselves. :rolleyes:
  8. I love that some people think that Coach is considered "poor". :lecture: If you can even consider spending more than $50 on a handbag, you are NOT poor. People who are poor worry about whether or not they'll be able to buy food for the week; these snobs need to realize that image isn't everything.:push: