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  1. hi um that is a really good fake, how could you tell from that information its sad to addmit that i couldnt tell it was a fake, i never buy online but i probly would have assumed it was real appart form the price that would be the dead giveaway for me
  2. Ouch... :cry: It hurts to look at... :evil:
  3. I don't understand why the buyers bother asking questions,they already know the bags are knockoffs :lol: .
    Personally I can't understand why anyone would pay $1,200 for a bag full of holes but to each his own.
  4. Its probably bait and switch. I don't have one of those bags. But they probably put an authentic one in the pic and who knows what you will get. People are really bright if they are thinking they will get a real one.
  5. Funny that (s)he never answered the two questions about the date code ;)
  6. these people are fast. i really cant believe the fake perfs. are already out!
  7. Very funny!:lol: I really don't like the perforated line, at all.
    Personally I can't understand why anyone would pay $1,200 for a bag full of holes but to each his own.[/QUOTE]
  8. I just checked thier listings they have the Gauchos starting from like 175, to 250 or something! Oh my Gosh, that it is sooo sad, I am so mad. I feel sorry for the people who think they have found a deal! Seriously, what can we do to stop these people?
  9. The only way I could tell this was a fakey was by the wrong number of stitches on the handle tabs (whatever you call them). That's a pretty good fake if ever I've seen one. :wacko:
  10. That is just so :sick:. They knock off everything.
  11. The prices are ridiculous for a fake bag, I mean if your going to spend 150 to 200 on a fake why not just get a Coach or D&B bag. Sure many people dislike D&B but honestly I would rather have that than a fake LV or Gucci!
    Its upsetting how we go out and buy the real thing and then people sporting fakes as if their's is authentic!:mad:
  12. The photo's look like theyre realso I guess its bait and swap as well.
    Shame. There fakers are such b**t***s.
  13. The heat stamp made me o-o and notice it was fake, but damn it's a pretty good fake. Scarily so.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.