check this out..

  1. yea... i sell/sold mine on ebay.. all my old ones. you technically can sell old aka: not current catalogs on ebay, but current ones like that is not allowed because people can get them at the store still.

    they make great coffee table books.. but that particular auction can get pulled by ebay.
  2. Good to know!! ;)
  3. People bid on it too!!!!!:blink:
  4. Really? Why? Even if you CAN get them at the store why can't you sell the current ones? What if the person who wants to buy it doesn't have an LV shop in his/her country/town?
  5. according to eBay's policies, it's not allowed to sell a catalog or magazine that is currently available in stores/publication/circulation. So for example, since it is now spring/summer 2006, any catalog in this season is not allowed.. but selling a spring/summer 2005 or older catalog is ok.

    i understand what you're saying about not having a store/etc in their area/country.. but that's just what ebay says.. people can always call the company/brand number, and request one, according to ebay.
  6. Some people will sell anything. I see people sell household junk on ebay all the time (not that this is junk). I wouldn't go to the trouble to sell a catalog on ebay!