Check this out...LV photography

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  1. Came across this randomly...interesting no? Who says LV isn't art? ;)

  2. Interesting!
  3. Naked!
  4. ^ yah, i only saw it when i made it bigger
  5. I remember seeing this a while back...
  6. What is this from? At first glance I thought it was chicken legs :smile:
  7. lol its kinda along the lines of that pig picture i posted a little bit ago
  8. the pig photos have gotten quite a bit of a controversial response since some of them, as it's been debated, look to have been tattooed. and of course tattooing an animal is going to bring up some humane issues...
  9. very interesting!
  10. It was produced for l'espace louis vuitton in champs store. You can find more info about it on;)
  11. Interesting.
  12. Oh Interesting.
  13. Another "interesting"....
  14. Erm...the word weird springs to mind.
  15. Everything you need to know about this exhibiton is on the LV web. =)