Check this out! LOL!!!

  1. I got this email from a lady who is a friend of a friend of a friend (well, you get the picture):lol:! Maybe I am the only one who finds this funny but I was ROFLMAO all morning (esp. at the Louis Vitton "Spy Bag" comment:roflmfao:)!!!

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to tell you that I am hosting a party on XXX XXX XXX for all of you ladies!
    It's called the "XXXXXX" sister-in-law is selling top quality name brands at greatly reduced prices in the comfort of my home. You can come and relax, have some food and wine, while you take a look at some of the following items:

    Tiffany jewellery - all packaged in their signature blue box and bag
    (i.e.: the signature bangle bracelet that retails for $695 at Holts is under $50 - same quality, same silver, same weight - guaranteed!)

    Bags from Louis Vitton, Cloe, Fendi and more - many of these bags retail for close to $3000 in the States! One of the girls who bought her Louis Vitton "Spy Bag", which is apparently flying off shelves at $2500, was asked by a salesperson at Holts how she got her hands on one (even they can't tell the difference!)

    Other items from Lacoste, Abercrombie, Channel and much more.

  2. I am sure the only reason the saleperson asked her "how she got her hands on one" is because they probably wanted to bust whoever was selling those fakes!:lol:
  3. That is just shameful. If you're gonna sell a fake at least try to learn your merchandise. :roflmfao:
  4. OMG...That's hillarious..
  5. "Hi friends and co-workers! I am hosting a party so I can rip you all off and steal your money while selling you fakes. "
  6. That is too funny!
  7. "Channel"

  8. LOL!! "Cloe" "Channel" :roflmfao:
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Too funny!
  10. Ha! Gotta love the spelling!
  11. hahahahhahahhahahha that made my day...
  12. Yea I can finally get my hands on a Channel Spy for cheap! :yucky:
  13. "Vitton" hahaha
  14. LOL! I got invited to one of those awhile back...all purses $60 HA
  15. Shameful people!!
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