check this out, Judge Judy fines ebay scammer

  1. LOL...that's too funny!!
  2. Wow!!!! Are those real or staged?
    I wish every eBay scammer could be treated like that!
  3. she is on eBay btw.
  4. Can you believe the nerve of that seller?!
  5. Picture of a phone. HAHA!
  6. haha who is she? Still there :wtf:
  7. okay I just watched the whole thing. I can't stand Judge Judy! She never lets anyone talk. "Blah blah blah I'm smart, you're stupid blah blah blah." She never lets anyone defend themselves either! What kind of "judge" is that? oooy.
  8. In this case I think that scammer deserved that treatment
  9. The kind that snags themselves a BIG, FAT, HUGE contract on television! haha.....................They enourage the banter with these court shows. I once shared a studio in Burbank with "Divorce Court" and while I was breaking from my work I would go to use the restroom and see them preping them for the show. Man they love it when people get riled up! If they didn't, would we really wanna watch??
    In real life they should just take dishonest people out and cut their fingers off!!!!
  10. What kind of defense could this scammer have had!! What a complete piece of scum. (although I do agree her calling the defendants husband a coward was little low)
  11. Her husband is a big fat coward for sending his wife in there knowing what they did and not facing the music himself. She deserved every word Judge Judy spewed at her for trying to act all cocky and use such a lame defense after deliberately ripping off these people (and apparently several others). JJ may go overboard at times, but not with these lowlifes.
  12. Wow, that was the highlight of my day!

    I am currently trying to track down a scammer myself, it's been a year now. I should go on Judge Judy!
  13. That was great! Judge Judy really did a good job on that one. I can't believe that any one is that crooked.
  14. Wow !
    I am not a big fan of Judge Judy's legal stylings but that scammer had it coming.