Check this out from Gucci

  1. Check out these beauties. Do you think these can be worn with a lot, or are they pretty limited?


    Also, is it tacky to wear shoes and a bag in a matching fabric?
  2. Those are too cute! Someone has this matching bag but I cant remember who.

    I think the right girl can pull it off without it looking tacky!
  3. I love the flora but I think it would be a bit much wearing both together, at least for me. Those shoes are TDF :love:
  4. Oh, and I wore my bag with most everything so I imagine the shoes will look good with most everything too
  5. I love these shoes, so pretty and feminine. I actually think shoes and a matching bag look very put together and its an easy way to look put together. The whole trend of not perfectly matching is great but it requires planning to pull it off and I see alot of people who either don't care or can't manage it.

    I also think you could get the shoes and a white leather bag and then get the white Gucci flora scarf to match. I have these shoes in the black flora flats and I wear them with my matching black flora neckscarf.
  6. Great idea to wear the shoes & scarf! :P
  7. These shoes are gorgeous. I think they'd be easy to pull off as long as what you wear with them is simple.
  8. i love the floral print from gucci! those are cute!!
  9. I love those shoes.

    You can definitely wear them with a lot of different outfits/style. Keep it ladylike with a pleated knee length skirt and a cardigan; sexy with tight skinny jeans; classic with a pencil skirt, etc.

    If you wear them with the matching bag, keep the look ladylike (it'll look like you "tried" but since it's ladylike it won't look like you are trying too hard to be "fashionable").
  10. i heart. they can totally be casual and dressy.
  11. I don't think it's tacky at all as long as the rest of your outfit is toned down. BTW, the shoes are Beautiful!
  12. ^completely agree!!!:heart:
  13. Yes keep the outfit simple and the shoes will stand out. Which is what you want? The shoes are the focus. :yes: I never even thought of these until now.:shame: