Check this out !!! Cool contact lens for big eyes effect

  1. ^Wow that's a seriously awesome idea.

    I always get comments that I have the hugest eyes ever. You can't tell cause of my picture but yeah, the comments make me feel like a freak!
  2. Nice!! I've never thought I have small eyes, but people always say I have my mum's asian features or that I look like Bjork, LOL. Might give these a shot!
  3. I think those are really cool!
  4. My sister wears those.
  5. ^^can you tell a difference?

    Never seen those before but they seem to make a difference in the picture of the first link.
  6. Cool! I think im going to order a few pairs but do you have any idea if these are the 2 week disposables? it says 1 yr but its so cheap to be the yearly kinds
  7. why didn't I think of that!
  8. haha, that's a really neat idea...i don't need them though.
  9. I have a pair of gray and a pair of hazel color contacts. The hazel ones look nice with asian brown eyes because it's just a few shades lighter than the usual dark brown. It's not freaky looking or abnormal. The gray is a little freaky when you wear makes your eyes look very piercing. I wouldn't recommend the gray contacts to asians because it looks very weird..
  10. I tried to find pictures of my sister to show the difference not the best but here they are. Her natural eye color is hazel. Personally I think they look strange & combined with the heavy eyeliner they look buggie.



  11. DlkinVegas, your sister is gorgeous! I agree with you though about the contacts. They do look a little buggy. I've never heard of these contacts before though, so it's definitely interesting.
  12. your sister is beautiful!!!

    wat a cool concept though
  13. What a fab idea!
  14. I think your sister actually looks better without the contacts! OT but is she a model since that first pic looks like a professional one?

    The concept is very interesting though - definitley has the potential to rake in the big bucks!