Check this out~~Anyone who are keen!!

  1. Hi, i got this reply from aloha rag today, in case you are keen to find out.:nuts: :nuts:
    Hi, thank you for your email.
    We have the following colors in stock right now.

    First--Black, Café, Mint, White, Vert Gazon, Blue Glacier, Antracite,
    Argile, Bordeaux, Marron and Dark Green
    City--Black, Mint, White, Antracite, Argile, Blue Glacier, Dark Green,
    Emerald and Pony Olive
    Work--Café, Mint, White, Antracite, Argile, Bordeaux and Emerald
    Weekender--Café, Mint, Black, Antracite, Bordeaux, Dark Green, Marron, Avio
    and Rouille

    Unfortunately we do not have the Clutch in stock.
    For the wallets and coin purses, we have the Money, Real Coin, Coin, Ni
    Compagnon, Le Compagnon and Denim Mini Coin Purse in stock.

    If you're interested in any of the above, please let us know.
    We do not have the pictures available for all the colors, but we have some
    available at this moment and we can send them upon request.

    Good luck for your searching~~
  2. thanks so much!!!
  3. thanks for posting! what happened to the twiggy stock?
  4. cool. thanks!
  5. Was what you posted only styles you asked about, or everything? Just wondering if they have any Part Times...
  6. HI fiatflux - I only check out those styles which i have asked sorry that my list didn't include the part-times.....:smile:
  7. ahahahah...i just told fiatflux that i only check out those styles that i want to know, didn't ask them the whole list of bbag sorry abt that
  8. no problemo...thanks for posting the stock! Interesting they still have Vert D'eau in a lot of styles!!!
  9. thanks Celia_Hish:smile:

    im just starting to get frustrated with AR...but they really are like that....theyll only answer what you asked for.

    its too good to know...i thought they only do that to me:rolleyes:

    i emailed them with different inquiries....same same answer....unfortunately, we dont have it in stock:p

    cheers Celia_Hish for the info!
  10. Thanks Celia!!
    I am trying to streamline my collection but....there are a couple items on that list I wouldn't mind having. Hmmm, what to do?
  11. thanks celia!

    any idea what are the following? "Real Coin, Coin, Ni
    Compagnon, Le Compagnon"
    Le compagnon is the large zippy wallet, while Ni compagnon the small one?
    real coin, coin - ???
    did AR rename them (like what they do with the colors)?
  12. wow thanks celia!!!
  13. No problem, u are most welcome Bagdizzy~~
  14. U are most welcome pursendipity~~Hope u find something u like:yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. Hi peppy - the above are the names on the different wallets/styles. Check more details from atelier.naff :