Check this Blondie out!

  1. Well, someone bid $320 on that Skittle!
  2. That would have been great to carry to the premiere of the Incredible Hulk movie or to carry on St. Patricks day. :nuts:
  3. is not that bad!:upsidedown:
  4. what shade of green is it? If the GG's were in gold hardware I would be more drawn to it...everyone has different taste...I saw a blondie with hot pink GG hardware and was not too fussed...I love classic looking hardware on gucci makes it more timeless...
  5. More power to them! I hope they win the auction.
  6. Actually, I have a feeling it's a darker green than pictured. Do you think it's real?
  7. It's real alright! I just wished it aleast had a gold GG instead of the lime green hardware. It's probably the olive green the hardware just makes it look brighter.:yes:
  8. the seller stated in fact that is darker than appear because of flash effects.Will you guys hate me if I buy it?:P ...What color shoes would you wear w/that purse?:supacool:
  9. I would consider buying it as an investment if I hadn't gone so crazy on eBay already this month. I think that if it's a darker green it will look good with the right outfit.
  10. Guess what? The green one is not available anymore. Did someone here get it?
  11. What happened?! Last I saw AAAllabama was the highest bidder.
  12. YEAH WHAT HAPPENED? IT says there were no bids.
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